It’s a known fact — stress impacts our bodies in a variety of ways. Too much stress can mean poor sleep quality, higher blood pressure and increased sugar cravings, just to name a few of its effects. Even when we do our best to keep an even keel, sometimes stress still takes over. When that happens, try one of the following, budget-friendly ways to combat it!

Catch a cheap movie.

Most large theaters have one or two nights per week with discounted admission prices. There’s something about checking out for a couple of hours to take in the latest blockbuster that can really help clear your mind. Pack your own macro-friendly snacks to save money and stick to your health goals!

Get artsy.

Lots of cafés and restaurants host paint nights where you can socialize, as well as create art in a low-pressure setting. Grab a coffee and see what you can create! Working with your hands can be a very meditative experience!

Take a free intro class.

Many fitness studios offer a free first class to introduce themselves to new customers. Grabbing a few friends and taking advantage of one of these is a great way to get moving without financial commitment. Maybe you won’t become a Zumba expert or a yoga master, but getting your blood flowing is a great, natural stress reliever.

Go outside!

It might not be summer yet, but the temperatures are slowly rising, which means it's time to take advantage of the outdoors. Search for nature walks within your city, short weekend day trips or, depending on the weather, a little overnight trip. Connecting with nature and turning off of technology even for a few hours is a great way to get centered.

There’s an app for that.

Take a minute to center yourself during the day to help you keep composure amidst the chaos of life in general. Creating a mindfulness practice can teach you the skills and awareness you need to come back to your breath when stress creeps up. Don’t let the idea of meditation scare you off — all you need are a few minutes per day!

Here are a few mindfulness apps we recommend:


The Mindfulness App

Insight Timer

Use free mobility resources.

Mental stress can have huge physical impacts on your body, such as impacting recovery or how you hold tension in your neck and shoulders during a workout. Taking time to work on mobility and stability can not only give you a leg up in your training and releasing physical tension, but when you have a lacrosse ball stuck in your lat it’s hard to think of much else.

Here are three resources for addressing the why and how of mobility:


The WOD Doc

As you can see, self-care doesn’t need to be spendy to be soothing. All it takes is a little creativity and a commitment to take time for yourself. What are your favorite wallet-friendly ways to decompress?