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How to Become a Certified WAG Nutrition Coach

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If you’ve ever thought about becoming a nutrition coach and using nutrition to help people become the best versions of themselves, the Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach Certification could be a perfect fit for you.

Of course, you probably have many questions about how the certification works, what is required, and how it’s different from other certifications.

I’ve got you covered! I’ve compiled the top 7 questions I’m most frequently asked about the WAG Coach Certification. Let’s dive in.

Question #1:
“What are the certification requirements and commitments?”

This certification is designed for anyone interested in nutrition coaching. Whether you already have a degree in nutrition or just a burning desire to help others, this certification could be perfect for you.

Past graduates of the certification come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including (but not limited to):

  • Biotech
  • School system
  • Stay at home mom
  • Medical industry
  • Chef
  • Dental hygienist
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • CrossFit coach
  • Hair salon
  • College students
  • Social work
  • Firefighting
  • Tech entrepreneur
  • Engineer
  • Real estate
  • Physiotherapy
  • Law

… and many more!

The certification goes at your own pace. Total completion takes between 30-40 hours. We’ve seen people complete the certification in as few as 5 weeks.

There are currently 6 different phases that include multiple choice, short answer and long answer sections. Some sections require you to apply the knowledge you’ve learned, and our coaches will give you personalized feedback.

Question #2:
Is the course automated?

Nope! Enrollment in the coach certification isn’t just a commitment for you – it’s also a commitment for us.

While designing the certification, we were told repeatedly by others in business that we should make it automated (in other words, without real-life WAG coaches reviewing and answering responses).

We knew, however, that making the course automated wouldn’t solve the most common problem with most certification processes: People sign up for them – but never actually complete them (sometimes they don’t even start!).

That stops here. By the time graduates of our certification reach completion, they’re raving about the support they received from our team. WAG’s most veteran coaches are not only reading and grading students’ work but are available the entire time to answer questions.

We are committed to seeing you take action so you can start serving others.

Question #3:
“How soon can we start after signing up/payment?”

As soon as you can log in to your account! On launch day, our entire Coach Certification Team is ready for you to begin. As soon as you complete payment, you are given access to Phase 1, and you’re off to the races!

Question #4:
“How much (and what kind of) information & knowledge is covered in the course?”

Our certification includes 6 phases:

Phase 1 - Intro to Flexible Dieting and Nutrition Science

  • We cover the basics of nutrition science and the major concepts behind flexible dieting
  • Format: Multiple choice

Phase 2 - Understanding Clients and their Needs

  • Learn about working with individuals and how to meet their unique needs. We teach you how to create a program that’s individualized for each client you meet.
  • Format:  Multiple choice and short answer

Phase 3 - Creating Sample Profiles

  • Create real programs for hypothetical clients and get feedback from our team on how you did.
  • Wondering if you can actually do this? Phase 3 is the first step.
  • Format: Short answer

Phase 4 - Nutrition and Psychology

  • In Phase 4 we focus largely on your approach to coaching clients successfully, which includes everything from: when to speak and when to listen, motivation and mindfulness, and how to scale your business while combating imposter syndrome, practicing self-care, and time and energy management.
  • Format: Multiple choice 

Phase 5 - Sample Check ins and Challenging Scenarios

  • This is where the magic happens. We give you examples of real client check-ins and you get to flex your coaching muscles in response. 
  • This phase also covers how to work with challenging clients (for example, clients who are feeling frustrated or seeing their desired results).
  • Format: Short answer

Phase 6 - Specialty Programs (Ketogenic Diet and Pregnancy)

  • Learn how to create a program for someone interested in the keto diet (or someone who you think could benefit from it). Learn how to coach keto safely and effectively.
  • When women get pregnant, their needs change. We teach you all about pregnancy physiology as well as the requirements in their diet all the way through postpartum.
  • Format: Multiple choice and short answer

This is the basis of what we go over – but it doesn’t stop there. When you graduate and prepare to start coaching your own clients, you get lifetime access to our team for any questions you have. 

We aren’t interested in certifying you and sending you on your way. We will be there as a support system so you can thrive!

We also offer access to an exclusive Facebook group for everyone in the Coach Certification Program.

Question #5:
“How much does the program cost and how likely it is that you can make a side income from working as a nutrition coach?”

The certification costs $999 and right now we do not offer any kind of payment plan.

We have some great resources showing you that getting clients isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem. Whether you begin making a side income is, in large part, up to you. What I do know is that if you take action, put yourself out there, and get people results – making a side income is much more likely than you think!

One-on-one nutrition coaching generally costs from $100-250 per month. At WAG, we require a 3-month commitment because we know there’s a learning curve that comes along with nutrition and lifestyle change.

This means that, for you, it would take 4-5 clients to earn back the money you paid for the certification.

Now, do the math: how much would you make if you had 10 clients? 20 clients?

On average, our clients stay with us for 6.5 months.

Do you think if those 10 clients got great results, they would tell their friends? Could you ask them for referrals?

You’re reading this because you are interested in turning this into a career (or, at the very least, a side hustle). We can’t make guarantees about the success of your business, but the real question is: what are you missing out on if you don’t pursue your dream?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering, “What if?" 

Question #6:
“Do many people who complete this certification go on to become WAG coaches? What is that process like?”

Although completing this course is a prerequisite to becoming a coach at WAG, it does not guarantee that you will get a job with WAG. You are free to apply, but please note that we only open a handful of coaching positions at a time.

Becoming a WAG Coach is an intensive process that can take from 6 months up to 2 years. It begins with being a client (every coach has been a client), completing the Coach Certification, applying to be a Substitute Coach (covering for our coaches when they take time off), and then once your work has been evaluated and a space becomes available, you join our roster as a WAG Coach.

Question #7:
“If we take the certification, will we be able to use your software Seismic? Do you offer business support as well?”

We haven’t made official announcements about this yet, but in late 2020, we plan to allow anyone who graduates from the Coach Certification to use Seismic as the platform for their business. We call this the WAG Business Program and only Certification Graduates will be eligible to use the software.

If you aren’t familiar with Seismic, it is a platform we designed that takes away much of the administrative burden involved in running a business. It allows you to focus on what you do best – coaching! With Seismic, you can collect payments, send reminders to your clients on check-in day, schedule your work load, and much more.

The development of Seismic was a game-changer for WAG and our ability to scale our business while still maintaining high quality of service.

If you choose to join the Business Program, we offer a comprehensive marketing and business support package. It includes one year’s worth of emails, social media marketing and a ton of other support around how to successfully build a nutrition coaching business.

So, if you feel nervous about how to make this work – we’ve created a program that walks you through step by step!

Question #8:
“Do you offer any continuing education?" 

Yes! At WAG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to learning. We require coaches to complete regular continuing education assignments as part of our Advanced Nutrition Coaching Series. We know we don’t know everything (who does?!). We’re always in “growth mode”.

Currently our Advanced Nutrition Coaching Series includes 12 modules on the following topics:

#1 Behavioral Change and Nutrition

Learn more about how to change someone’s mindset and lead them to make sustainable behavior changes. 

#2 The Effects of Stress

Discover the effects of stress on our abilities to lose body fat, lose weight and actually stick to our diets.

#3 All About Metabolism

Ever wonder about human metabolism and how to use it to your advantage to get your clients better results? We’ve got you covered.

#4 All About the Gut

The gut plays an important role in overall health. In this module, you’ll learn how to set your clients up for improved health and happiness by supporting gut health. 

#5 Weight Cutting for Athletes

We’ll teach you how to guide weight class athletes like weightlifters and bodybuilders through weight cuts without having to sweat it out in a sauna.

#6 Breastfeeding Nutrition Concepts

In this module you’ll learn how to support breastfeeding moms by optimizing their nutrition. 

#7 Intermittent Fasting

Learn the science behind fasting and how to guide people through it safely.

#8 Nutrition for Long Endurance Events and Ultramarathons

Optimizing athletes’ nutrition for long Crossfit events, marathons, triathlons and more is full of nuances and personalization. We’ll cover it all here for you!

#9 Menopause - It's Effects on Weight and Muscle

Here, you’ll learn how to support women through what may be a challenging period of time in their lives with proper knowledge, awareness and support.

#10 The Zone Diet

Here’s another tool in your toolbox - learning the ins and outs of the Zone Diet so you can skea about it knowledgeably and support your clients.

#11 Working with Bariatric Surgery Clients

Gastric Bypass and other similar surgeries can impact someone’s nutritional needs. Here, you’ll learn what to look out for and how to work with these clients. 

#12 Popular Supplements

Learn about the top of the nutrition pyramid - supplements. We’ll teach you everything we know about some of the most popular ones on the market. 

These modules are not included in the certification and must be purchased afterwards for $20 each.

So there you have it! I hope I’ve answered all your questions about the WAG Coach Certification. If you have the dream of becoming a nutrition coach and helping others develop a healthy lifestyle they can sustain forever, I know you will love this certification.

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