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Presale Enrollment Opening May 5th, 2021

General enrollment opens May 7th

Get first access into the cohort, plus advanced education modules and $200 off when you join during the presale period.

Through this Certification Program you’ll become an expert in nutrition science and coaching. You’ll become a master teacher and use your knowledge to help your clients get the results they want for their physical, mental and emotional health.

We only have a limited number of certifications available, and the way for you to get yours is right here… but don’t sleep on it. These spots go fast.

The WAG Coach Certification won’t just educate you about nutrition, it will teach you about the psychology of lasting change and long-term fulfillment and give you the tools necessary to create a new life for yourself and your clients.

So... What Exactly Is the Working Against Gravity Certification?

There’s a huge difference between information and transformation.

At Working Against Gravity, we give our certified coaches both the knowledge they need and the tools to implement it for the people they seek to serve.

Our mission is simple: we want to help people lose weight, gain muscle, increase performance and feel better than ever through the power of customized, one-on-one nutrition coaching.

If you want that, too, then our certification program is your one-stop-shop for making it happen.

Life is more than food, but proper nutrition plays a huge role in every facet of a person’s well-being (and we’ve got more than 21,000 members who can attest). We’ll teach you our individualized, macro-focused method for results that last – not just in you and your client’s physical bodies, but in your mental and emotional selves, as well.

Uncover the knowledge, control and confidence necessary to empower each client’s body and mind so that you can help them trade short-term “fixes” for long-term fulfillment.

What the Graduates Say

“Working Against Gravity’s philosophy is the perfect blend of a data-driven, macro-counting approach to nutrition, combined with habit-based coaching. In the past, I felt limited in my ability to help clients with nutrition. All of the "nutrition gurus" want to make you believe that you have to fall into a certain camp and follow specific rules.

After taking the WAG coaching certification, I feel empowered with the knowledge I’ve gained about the principles behind successful nutrition coaching. I am no longer trying to fit the client to the nutrition approach. I am now fitting the nutrition approach to the client.”

— Nick

"I feel confident that I can write a nutrition plan for a client that will help them see results. I loved that there were plenty of opportunities to practice assigning macros, making adjustments, and writing effective messages to clients. Getting feedback from a real person on these responses was my favorite aspect of the course!

My favorite part of the course by far was the feedback from our coach support! I struggle so much with confidence, so having her tell me I did well always made my day. It showed me that I CAN actually do this! And sometimes it also helped shed light on things I hadn't considered, which will only help me in the future."

— Kathy S.

"I felt like I had a good base knowledge around nutrition and coaching, but wanted a certification to back my name. I was really impressed with the depth of content that the course covered and was excited to learn some new information or approaches. Coaching clients is the step I'm heading towards.

I was really impressed with how much focus there was on actually coaching a client rather than just prescribing. I love that WAG isn't afraid to work with pregnant women, people with a history of eating disorders or people who are choosing keto diets. I think all of the information regarding those subgroups was extremely valuable and helped make me more confident in being able to reach a vast range of people."

— Jessie N.

Chelsea Stinson

Natalie Harris

Vanessa Gillette

Working Against Gravity Has Been Proud To Work With:


Jessica Lucero
National Champion, Weightlifting


Lauren Gibbs
Olympian, USA Bobsled


Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
2014 CrossFit Games Champion


Cole Sager
CrossFit Games Athlete

Real-Life Coaching Brought To You By Real-Life Coaches

The WAG Certification includes all that we know and use – from the latest in nutrition science to tens of thousands of hours’ worth of professional expertise – distilled and delivered directly to you.

  • Trusted by...Everybody.

    Fitness coaches? Check. Postpartum moms? Check. Olympic medalists? Check. Executive businesspersons? Check. Professional athletes? Check. Beer-bellied undergrads? Check. Humans who already have nutrition degrees? Check. The point is, our methodology works for everyone in all walks of life (so you can confidently use it in your world, too.)

  • An Empathetic Approach.

    We don’t teach anything we haven’t learned, and every single WAG Coach was once a student. We understand the vulnerability it takes for someone to admit they’re in need. Successful nutrition coaching isn’t just academic – it’s inventive and discerning. Sure, we’ll teach you the science, but we’ll also help you navigate emotional waters to coach your clients toward success.

  • Pertinent Psychology.

    It has been said that “a better life starts in the mind,” and you won’t get far with your clients without their belief in their ability to change. Most diets fail not because they don’t work — but because people don’t stick to them. Through the WAG Certification, you’ll learn a unique approach to self development by helping them connect the dots between what they eat and what they believe.

  • Self-Paced Learning.

    Life isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Study at your own speed, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. The WAG Certification Program is an interactive, module-based course, personally guided and overseen by our very own coaches. Through an easily accessible online curriculum, you can complete your certification in your time – without the pressure of deadlines hanging overhead.

  • The Coaching Community.

    We deeply believe in the power of accountability. We know we’re better together. When you begin working toward your WAG Certification, we’ll give you instant access to our private “Coach Cert” Facebook Group, where you’ll be able to connect with and receive help from other students-in-process and Working Against Gravity coaches at your service.

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The Course Curriculum: How it Works

We keep it simple: the entire WAG Certification course exists within our easy-to-use online platform.

The curriculum is broken up into multiple phases, the first of which you’ll be given immediate access to following registration for the program, and each remaining phase is unlocked upon successful completion of the one before it.

Here is a brief overview of the phases, and what each entails:

Phase 1

Intro to Flexible Dieting and Nutrition Science

Learn from the best of the best in nutrition science and the people who put their knowledge to work. Here, you’ll have access to world-renowned research, and the opportunity to take full advantage of our library of reference material to use as you work with your own clients.
Phase 2

The WAG Knowledge Base: Understanding Clients and their Needs

Each person is unique, and “healthy nutrition” is not a one-size-fits-all prescription. Here, we take a deep-dive into our main focus area – macros. What are they, how do they work, and how do you assign them according to your client’s goals?
Phase 3

Creating Sample Profiles (Application)

Have you ever heard it said that knowledge is nothing without action? Here, you’ll put your learning to work through assigning macronutrient programs to variable client scenarios and connecting with us, personally, to discuss your philosophy and show us how you arrived at your conclusions.
Phase 4

WAG Level 2 Coaching Manual (Nutrition and Psychology)

Here, we focus largely on your approach to coaching clients successfully, which includes everything from when to speak and when to listen, motivation and mindfulness, and how to scale your own business while combating imposter syndrome, practicing self-care and time and energy management.
Phase 5

Sample Client Check-ins & Advanced, Challenging Scenarios

In the fifth and final stage of this program, you’ll have the opportunity to prove your unique ability to respond to client check-ins as though you were their coach, receive feedback from your certification administrator, and practice creative, personalized planning for the next stage of their journey.
Phase 6

Specialty Programs - Ketogenic Diet & Coaching Pregnant Women

Learn how to set macros for keto clients, train individuals in their diet and educate them about how to test ketones. Additionally, learn pregnancy physiology and trimester-specific, nutrition-rich recommendations for soon-to-be-moms so that you can properly support women to healthy pregnancies.

Special Presale Bonus Offers

Exclusively for certifications purchased during our Presale period

Bonus #1

FREE ACCESS to our most popular Advanced Nutrition Coaching Series

At WAG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to learning and require coaches to complete Advanced Nutrition Coaching assignments. We know we don’t know everything (who does?!), so we are always in growth mode. Currently we have 5 Advanced Nutrition Coaching packages, including:

  • Sports Performance
    How to work with clients who are looking to win, make weight and optimize their off and on seasons.
  • Common Coaching Challenges
    Skip the learning curve by diving into entire modules based on the most challenging scenarios you’ll find yourself in with clients.
  • Gut Health & Physiology
    Dive into the inner workings on the body so that you can best identify and guide clients who may need more intervention.
  • Popular Diets
    Become the go-to source on all aspects of the most popular diets so that when your clients come asking “should I try this?” you have the knowledge to help.
  • Women's Health
    Women are unique butterflies and understanding their cycles and hormones is key to being a responsible and successful coach.

Normally, each Advanced Nutrition Coaching module costs $20, and they are not included in the Coach Certification. By signing up for the certification within 48 hours of its launch, you will receive access to all these modules for FREE! (a $260 value!)

Bonus #2

Exclusive access to four live classes taught by Adee Cazayoux, Founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity.

During these four live, hour-long Zoom classes, Adee will teach you everything she knows about how to be a successful nutrition coach.

Topics will include: how to attract (and keep!) clients, what day-to-day life is like as a coach, and how to make an income as a coach.

Remember, these two special bonus offers are only available if you sign up for the Coach Certification within 48 hours of its launch!

Bonus #3

The chance to win two free one-on-one calls with Michael and Adee to get your coaching business up and running.

The perfect prize if you’re looking to make nutrition coaching your career. The first 100 people to enroll in the certification will automatically enter the draw to win two free calls with Michael and Adee – a package valued at $1,994!


$1297 $1097

during the presale

1 WAG Certification Course
A digital mentor to review and provide feedback on your work
Access to the Coach Certification Facebook Group
Eligibility for the WAG Business Program (dependent on certification completion)

Limited Availability

The WAG Certification includes all that we know and use – from the latest in nutrition science to tens of thousands of hours’ worth of professional expertise – distilled and delivered directly to you.

The Certification will only be made available to a limited number of students at a time.

Because of our hands-on teaching approach, wherein we couple current, actually-human (and not computer) WAG Coaches with program participants, we simply cannot make our availability limitless while preserving the standard of excellence to which we hold ourselves.

What does that mean, exactly?

  1. When we’re out of space, we close the doors. (The last time we made this program available, it sold out in three hours after one email… which we only sent to a tiny fraction of our WAG Alumni Members.) This time, we’re only making available to the people who sign up here, so if you want it, join the WAG Certification list right here, right now.
  2. Those of you who do make it into our program can expect the best of the best when it comes to your training. We won’t be spread thin, like a burnt-out professor lecturing a school-hall filled with 500 disinterested students. Instead, you’ll receive the same kind of one-on-one guide that all of our students have come to expect with WAG. (Plus, this’ll be way cheaper, way quicker and way more pragmatic than any standardized nutrition testing you’d receive in a traditional academic setting will).

We are only making the WAG Certification available to subscribers of this list. If you want to secure your spot when we “open doors” and make our program available, sign up now.


No. We are dedicated to your successful completion of this course, and each coach / guide assigned to our students is there to ensure that all questions are answered, information is digested and implementation is practiced so that you are set up for success, and so that your clients are truly able to receive the instruction they need in order to get the results they deserve. The only way to “fail” is to quit.

Everyone leads a different life, and everyone’s availability / opportunity for time investment is unique. The WAG Certification Program is an entirely self-paced curriculum, so that – similar to our coaching methodology – it works for you, specifically. That said, we have seen motivated students obtain their certification in as quickly as four weeks.

Yes! To make the Coach Certification more accessible, we now offer a Payment Plan for both the presale and general enrollment periods. As of January 2021, you can choose to pay four equal installments over four months. The pricing is as follows:

Presale: $299 per payment
General Enrollment: $349 per payment

No. While completing this course is a prerequisite to becoming a coach at WAG, it does not guarantee that you will get a job. You are free to apply but please note that we only open a handful of coaching positions at WAG at a time.

No. The WAG Certification Program is an entirely online/internet-based course curriculum. Through our platform, which we’ll give you access to upon registration, you’ll be able to study, take quizzes and personally interact with coaches who are available to help you along the way.

Your certification does not have a set date for renewal. Over time, as we update the course significantly, we will send out a notification to renew the certification which will be free of charge.

No problem! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us now at

We’ll reach out to you when our next round of training is available.

Don't just stop at getting certified – start a business.

Completing the WAG Coach Certification gives you immediate access to our Business Program.

You get:

  • Seismic - our custom built coaching platform for your own clients
  • Marketing strategies and material
  • A support network of other members and a business mastermind group and more

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