Eating With the Seasons: Fall Produce

As the leaves start to turn and the cozy smell of fall fills the air, we want a menu to match. Taking inspiration from fall produce gives us plenty of perfect recipes to cuddle up with and enjoy the change of seasons.


  • Beets 1.6P/0F/10C 2.8 Fiber
  • Brussel Sprouts 3P/0F/8C 4 Fiber
  • Broccoli 3P/0F/7C 2.6 Fiber
  • Carrots 1P/0F/10C 2.8 Fiber
  • Cabbage 1P/0F/6C 2.5 Fiber
  • Celery Root 1P/0F/10C 1.8 Fiber
  • Mushrooms 3P/0F/3C 1 Fiber
  • Sweet Potato 2P/0F/20C 3 Fiber
  • Pumpkin 1P/0F/7C .5 Fiber


  • Apple 0P/0F/14C 2.5 Fiber
  • Cranberries 0P/0F/12C 4.7 Fiber
  • Grapes 1P/0F/17C 1 Fiber
  • Pears 0P/0F/15C 3 Fiber
  • Persimmon 1P/0F/34C 4 Fiber
  • Pomegranate 2P/1F/19C 4 Fiber
  • Figs 1P/0F/19C 2.9 Fiber
  • Pumpkin 1P/0F/7C 0.5 Fiber
  • Mushrooms 3P/3C/0F 1 Fiber

Our Mini Carrot Bread is perfect to go alongside a cup of your favorite fall-inspired tea or if you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing snack or appetizer, check out our recipe for Squash and Cream Cheese Bites.

Share your favorite macro-friendly fall recipes on social with #TeamWAG.

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