Crushing 5 Roadblocks to Fitness (Jason Noel, Ep. 2)

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In this episode, watch how CrossFit coach and WAG Alumnus Jason Noel debunks the five fitness roadblocks that we have all dealt with.

#1– “Working out makes me tired”– If you wake up early and do a morning workout before your day begins, you will actually have more energy and less stress throughout the day.

#2– “I never see results”– Think of your health journey like a bank: Every time you make a healthy choice, that’s a deposit. If you make healthy choices each day, over time you will see how it pays off.

#3– “Working out is boring”– Most people need variety. Explore what workouts you like and really take the time to find what works for you—then you’ll beat boredom.

#4– “I never know what to eat”– Most people have a general idea of what is healthy for them and what is not. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love; just remember, moderation is key.

#5 – “I can’t ever get fit” – Don’t sink into this lie. To make health and fitness long-lasting, you have to find something you enjoy doing. Health and fitness don’t mean just going to the gym—do what makes YOU feel good, and you will see results.

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