Crushing 5 Roadblocks to Fitness (Jason Noel, Ep. 2)

In this episode, watch how CrossFit coach and WAG Alumnus Jason Noel debunks the five fitness roadblocks that we have all dealt with.

#1– “Working out makes me tired”– If you wake up early and do a morning workout before your day begins, you will actually have more energy and less stress throughout the day.

#2– “I never see results”– Think of your health journey like a bank: Every time you make a healthy choice, that’s a deposit. If you make healthy choices each day, over time you will see how it pays off.

#3– “Working out is boring”– Most people need variety. Explore what workouts you like and really take the time to find what works for you—then you’ll beat boredom.

#4– “I never know what to eat”– Most people have a general idea of what is healthy for them and what is not. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love; just remember, moderation is key.

#5 – “I can’t ever get fit” – Don’t sink into this lie. To make health and fitness long lasting, you have to find something you enjoy doing. Health and fitness don’t mean just going to the gym—do what makes YOU feel good, and you will see results.

Crush these roadblocks and reach your goals! Get started with our Goal Setting Guide or join Team WAG to meet your personal nutrition coach!

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