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Few things are as inspiring as seeing top-level athletes compete at the largest event in their sport, and we all understand the important role nutrition played in getting them to that level. Not all of us are headed for The Games, but nutrition is JUST as important for our personal goals. So we want to give you a head start on making your trip to Madison a macro success!

Macro Friendly Restaurants

There’s more to life than the classic grilled chicken and salad, we wanted to showcase a few more options for eating well on the go with a little bit more flavor.

Customized menu items allow you to pick and choose where you want to splurge or scrimp with your macros, catch up on protein and let you know exactly what’s going into your bowl. Online calculators are an easy way to pre-plan what you want to eat ahead of time so you don’t need to think twice about your order.

  • Freshii Build-your-own… just about anything at Freshii. Salads, bowls, burritos and fro-yo options, fully customizable to fit your macros and large enough portions to split for two, or save for later.
  • Fit Fresh Cuisine A local option that’s every macro lover's dream owned by a Registered Dietician. Full nutrition facts are listed on every single item (both dine-in and take out).
  • Miko Poke Hawaiian poke bowls are an easy way to pack in lean protein and however many carbs you need, be it a ton of rice or a light bed of greens. They even have a Crossfit Games Bowl…
  • The Egg & I Straightforward diner-style breakfast and lunch. Keeps it simple, keeps you happy. You can calculate your meal online using their nutrition calculator too!
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill A macro-friendly favorite, so we had to include it! There are tons of options to build your perfect meal — from salads, bowls, tacos, burritos. Plus, they have a handy online meal calculator to make it all fit neatly to your macros.

Caffeine Pit Stops

Watching all that exercise is enough to make you need a caffeine boost or maybe a quiet spot to duck out from the action for an hour. These cute coffee shops will do just the trick.

Grocery Stores

Be sure to stop in to pick up some hotel snacks to round out your macros at night or get your day started off on the right foot!

  • Willy Street Co-op Local produce and organics. Great for finding gluten-free and other specialty items.
  • Trader Joe’s Check out the Team WAG must-haves here.
  • Whole Foods Health food heaven, stocked with a killer salad bar to customize your own take out.
  • Fresh Madison Market More traditional grocery store with a daily rotating menu and hot bar take out.

If you’re looking for a few more tips on how to manage your trip, click through to read some of our past travel-related blogs!

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