Change is hard. Big change, worthy change, change that matters, it’s all HARD. There is absolutely no denying it.

Throughout life, we undoubtedly experience life changes, which are accompanied by periods of transition.

We may change careers, get married, move cities or countries, start a family or make huge lifestyle changes. Whether we are aware of it or not, our identities also shift as a result. And that can certainly be scary.

Below are 8 suggestions, which may help soften the impact of change and transition in your life:

  1. Expect that change will make life feel unsettling — and that’s OK.
    Remind yourself that the feeling of discomfort you’re experiencing is TEMPORARY and will be gone soon.
  2. Focus on the positive.
    Through awareness, we have the power to direct our own thoughts. This allows us to think in a positive way, shutting off thoughts of doubt and fear.
  3. Take what you learned yesterday and put it into action today.
    Acknowledging your accomplishments and experiences that got you to this point will help you remain confident in your current path.
  4. Ask for help and support from your network.
    In times of transition, we sometimes have the tendency to try controlling our relationships more — causing friction with loved ones. Knowing this, we can make the conscious effort to lean on them for help, rather than power.
  5. Trust yourself and your decisions.
    Make a choice to look forward to your new opportunities with excitement, not anxiety.
  6. Be present to the now and take each day as it comes.
    Be aware and grateful for the people and opportunities that currently surround you. Live, love and embrace the current moment. Focus on the events of today, not tomorrow’s.
  7. Revisit your goals, vision and passions often.
    Ensure that your daily actions and priorities are in line with your CURRENT goals. Transition your environment to support and reflect the change by making way of the old, for the new to enter.
  8. Listen to your heart and intuition.
    Remain honest with yourself about your true needs and desires.

Lastly, although we may not always expect or ask for it, change is an inevitable part of life. The better we are at accepting and welcoming change, the easier and happier our lives will be.