Our #TeamWAG athletes prepared year-round, tackled the Open and faced down Regionals to make it to the 2018 CrossFit Games. It goes without saying that their success didn’t come without an incredible amount of hard work and dedication, and we can’t believe the season’s already behind us.

We’re so proud and inspired by all of these athletes and can’t wait to see where the 2019 season takes them! Below is our “WAG Leaderboard,” along with some highlights, shout-outs and favorite memories from the 2018 CrossFit Games.


Laura Horvath - 2nd Overall
Laura walked away from her first appearance at the CrossFit Games not only as the 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth but also as Rookie of the Year! Mic. Drop.

Katrin Davidsdottir - 3rd Overall


PROUD: of the hard work, the focus, commitment, effort & belief we put into this every . single . day. 💥❤️ - HAPPY: that we enjoy this journey. That we love the preparation as much as we love the bright lights & we walk away from this season with a heart full of incredible memories. 🌟☺️💫 - THANKFUL: that I have this opportunity to do what I love most with the people I care about most in this world. That I get to share my journey with all of you guys & through it all inspire others to be a better version of themselves. The time, effort & love my coaches put into me every single day & the support my family & friends show me throughout the whole year. I really don’t know WHO or WHERE I would be without them .. 💕🦋😍🙏🏼 - HUNGRY: to get better. We work to become the BEST & we want to be the best. We showed up the best we could be in THIS MOMENT .. but there is so much work to be done that I am excited to build upon! Nr1: get so STRONG! 🔥🐯🐕🛷 - Here is to MY TEAM! I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world.💥❤️ My coach: @benbergeron (@comptrain.co), my endurance coach @hinshaw363 (@aerobiccapacity), my agent @okeefmr (& my @sammymoniz ofc!), my FAMILY (thank you @wowair for getting them all to me!) & my Bergeron’s <3 & my best friends & my nutritionist @adeecazayoux & penpal (those who know .. know hehehe) & all of you supporting & cheering for me. I love you all. xoxo - &&&& last but not least all of my sponsors who allow me to do this! I am forever thankful & proud to be a part of these companies! @reebok, @roguefitness, @ascent_protein, @zevia who all stand for HARD WORK & the never ending journey towards becoming the best version of ourselves. ❤️

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Kara Saunders - 4th Overall

Brooke Wells - 8th overall

Cassidy Lance- McWherter - 10th overall

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet - 13th overall


1 shoulder surgery later and day 1 at the 2018 @crossfitgames in the book!!! I loved everything about day 1 and couldnt be more proud of the effort i put in🤗💕⭐️ “ Amazingly i was stoke to have the opportunity to row a full marathon... in 2013 i did the half with a bad mindset and its something that had always stuck with me as a failure and letting myself down... “ Last night might have been the best effort physivally and mentally ive ever put in a workout so far and i am beyond proud and redeemed! “ So excited to keep going i am having the time of my life outside the extreme hamstring soreness that i earned from rowing so much hahahaha “ Also thank you for all the cheers on the bike course i got very emotional and so so so grateful you guys are the best and thank you for gladly watching us for 3 hours on the row it means so much 💕⭐️😜 “ Now well earned rest day and see you friday!

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Alessandra Pichelli - 14th overall
Alessandra Pichelli showed her extreme dedication, pushing through a marathon row one-handed as she fought through muscle spasms — and still ended the weekend in the top 15.


Thank you for all the messages and support! I truly appreciate the support during the most difficult time! About half way into my row, I was suddenly experiencing intense cramps in my abs and quads which forced me to stop multiple times. At that point, I knew it was only about finishing the row in any matter - even if it was just rowing with my arms. It was mentally difficult to maintain composure because not only was it painful physically, but I also realized that I was losing my good overall position in the competition. I’m glad my fight to finish has inspired some of you! All the encouragement really means a lot to me as this was one of the hardest obstacles in my CrossFit career. I like to remind myself: “I am a warrior not because I win, but because I fight” I’m recovering today and look forward to attack the rest of the weekend! #noquit @crossfitgames

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Rebecca Voigt - 27th overall

Jen Smith - 36th overall
Jen absolutely crushed it all weekend with her unwavering determination and effort! Every single day, she gave 110% — what more could you ask for?

Emily Bridgers - 39th overall
Emily Bridgers, in her last appearance at the CrossFit Games, was sidelined due to an injury. While the arena won’t be the same without her, there’s no denying that she managed to leave her mark.


Cole Sager - 7th overall

Cody Anderson - 10th overall


Top 10!!! Lots of thank you's in order, but I just want to start with saying thank you to all of you! For all you who have supported me in prayer, in cheering, in watching and following my journey, you are what makes this blessed life I have possible and I am so grateful for you. It was a pleasure getting to meet so many of you over the course of the week! - To the people who have kept my body in one piece this whole year @drivesportstherapy @alminebarton and my momma @physjust - To my sponsors @niketraining @elitefuel @prxperformance @paleofast - - For changing the game with my nutrition this year and helping me bulk up in a healthy way (hopefully more this next year too haha, still a ways to go) @workingagainstgravity and @adeecazayoux - - To my amazing coach @aimees2cents, I've said it before but I'll say it again; working with you has been an absolute game changer and you are such a blessing to my life in more ways than just as a coach. Thank you for sticking with me even when I was crabby and tired and sore and sacrificing so much for me especially during competition weeks. Also @catalystathletics for building all the weird apparatuses I need and putting up with my CF antics in the garage - And then of course to all you who volunteered, judged, or had any involvement in making this year's games a success! You guys are rockstars and I can't thank you enough for running a tight, well organized event and taking such good care of us athletes. I know it's arguably more exhausting than actually competing at the games so thank you! - Most of you know by now, my faith is what drives me as an athlete and just as a person. I am 100% convinced that my heavenly Father is out there on the competition floor with me everytime receiving the worship He deserves as I enjoy the gifts He has given me. If you have made it this far and are still reading, know that He is with you too and He is just as crazy about you as He is about me. Be blessed everybody, until next year!

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Dean Linder- Leighton - 14th overall


Jared Stevens and Christine Kole (CrossFit 417) - 5th Overall

Kassandra Aveni (Reebok CrossFit One) - 12th overall 


Jessica Martinez (40-44) - 5th Overall

Teresa Trojanowski (35-39) - 8th Overall


2018 @crossfitgames is a wrap!! There were definitely some challenges and weaknesses exposed, but an event win, two 2nd place finishes, and an 8th place overall was more than I could have dreamed of. - It may be one weekend of competition, but it takes a team of people for an entire season to make an experience like this possible. There are so many people to thank and more to come, but let me first say 🙏🏽 thank you to the @crossfitgames volunteers and staff, who ran a stellar event; 🙏🏽 and to everyone who took the time to send a message, say a prayer, buy a shirt and in any way support us near or far - I felt every bit of it, and it means the world. - Time to rest and recover.....then start working on next year 😉 - #crossfitgames #crossfit #mastersathlete

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Judith Tynan (55-59) - 8th Overall

Cindy Kane (55-59) - 18th Overall


Katla Kettilsdottir (16-17) - 16th overall

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