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Getting Started With Journal Writing

Whether you use it as a way to keep track of your day or as your own personal therapist, journaling provides a rare opportunity to be 100 percent open and honest with yourself. So no wonder it’s now a popular way for many people to start or end their day.

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Tips For First-time Flexible Dieters

For many, transitioning to flexible dieting is like learning a whole new skill. It takes patience, practice, and some trial and error. Below are our top tips for first-time flexible dieters to keep in mind.

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#RFFYM Real Food Fits Your Macros

There are countless different health and nutrition programs available today. Some have great promise but fail to meet expectations, while others are effective but too difficult to follow.

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100 Calories in 100 Ways: 93-96

All of these food choices will satisfy your need for something to crunch on, but we know which ones we’d choose if the “munchies” strike and we need to spend our macro-money wisely.

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100 Calories in 100 Ways: 89-92

Pre-made meal items are convenient, but with the small amount of volume you get for these macros at 100 calories, we recommend trying to make these items yourself at home.

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100 Calories in 100 Ways: 85-88

Some great examples of volume protein sources today. These items range in protein from 10g to 22g, but range in volume from 28g to 115g in weight.