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Low Calorie Protein Bars (That Still Keep You Full)

Today, we’re chatting about what to look for in a low-calorie protein bar if you have weight loss goals and you’re working with fewer macros. In this case, having something reliable to grab is helpful when you need something quick and want to feel full without breaking the calorie bank.

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Insects as Food: Protein Powerhouses

The eating of insects is called entomophagy. It’s derived from the Greek words for insect and eat. The human species has consumed insects for a majority of our history and there are nearly 2,000 edible species to add to your growing protein list.

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Dairy Alternatives to Fit Your Macros

For many of us who choose to leave dairy out of our diet, finding adequate and creative substitutes for dairy can be a bit daunting. So we’ve put together this helpful guide to navigate your specific dietary needs!

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How to Hit Your Daily Protein Target (Q&A 40)

If you’re having problems hitting your daily protein target, you’re not the only one. Adee shares her favorite tips for sneaking extra protein in your diet and setting up your fridge for macro-tracking success.

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Vegan Protein Sources

Protein is essential for building and retaining muscle; it also helps you stay fuller for longer and helps manage hunger.