Tara Roberts Coachspotlight
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Coach Spotlight: Tara Roberts

As a nutrition coach, Tara hopes to help all her clients gain control of their nutrition—not just in the moment, but for their lifetime, which aligns with her mantra: “Live your best life.”

Coach Spotlight Article Brittany
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Coach Spotlight: Brittany Werner

Brittany is a coach and our Director of Coaching here at WAG Nutrition. She is a registered Dietician and has been with our team since 2016. Get to know a little more about her!

Seismic Your All In One Nutrition Coaching Software Header
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Seismic: Your All-In-One Nutrition Coaching Software

When it comes to being a successful nutrition, fitness, or wellness coach, the thing that sets you apart is you. Your knowledge, ability to connect and build trust with clients, the results you help your clients achieve, and the nutrition coaching software you use.

How To Find Your Brand Voice In The Nutrition Industry
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How to Find Your Brand Voice in the Nutrition Industry

Want to stand out in the nutrition coaching industry? The key is developing your brand voice in a way that is authentic and compelling to your audience. We get it, it can feel scary to find and trust your voice. But, it isn’t as difficult as it may sound or seem.

Four Skills You Need to Be a Great Nutrition Coach.jpg
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Four Skills You Need to Be a Great Nutrition Coach

Over the past five years of coaching clients, one thing that I have seen to be true time and time again is this: The deeper you connect with your clients, the more trust you gain. More trust leads to stronger buy-in and ultimately better results.

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Best Practices For Nutrition Coaches

Are you a nutrition coach looking to improve your methods for your clients? Are you someone who is new to the space and is interested in becoming a nutrition coach but don’t know where to start?