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15 Simple Strategies for Better Sleep

Dialing in your sleep is a major proponent for busting through plateaus, which is why we refer members to this article often. So much so that we’ve added more tips and practical devices for improving sleep to the list!

Lose Fat Gain Muscle
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3 Quick Tips to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Losing fat and gaining lean muscle is one of the most common goals we hear from Working Against Gravity members. It is also nuanced and unique to each person—your current body composition, goals, exercise routine, and more play into your body’s ability to drop fat and put on muscle.  That being said, there are a few tips that almost everyone can use to start working towards that goal.

The Top 6 Things Holding You Back From Losing Weight
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The Top 6 Things Holding You Back from Losing Weight

As a nutrition coach, one of the questions friends and family ask me most is, “Why can’t I lose weight?”. It’s a common question and not all surprising since the process of weight loss is complex and has a lot of variables.

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Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

In the last several years, surveys have found that almost half of American adults are trying to lose weight. So chances are high that weight loss has been a goal of yours sometime in the recent past.

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6 Apps for Productivity

With full schedules and tight deadlines, we quite often find ourselves wishing we had more time in our day to do things we love and enjoy.