Andi Petty

Alternatives to Macro Tracking: Creative Ways to Help Clients Build Consistency

There is a time and place for precisely tracking everything you eat. And, there is also a time and place for finding alternatives to macro tracking that allow you to feel accountable for your nutrition choices without the extra math, planning, and phone apps.


Adee Cazayoux

WAG Q&A With Adee Cazayoux: Handling Haters, Consistency & Sniffles

In this episode Adee offers nutrition tips that’ll help you make this summer your best yet! Watch to get some advice on dealing with judgment, food variety versus food consistency, and what to do about your nutrition when you’re under the weather.


Kate Hart

September WAG goal: Do something you love every day that you normally wouldn't

Each day we have the chance to take advantage of so many opportunities to bring joy into our lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean grand gestures, but rather recognizing that slowing down just a touch can allow you to increase your happiness ten fold.


Team WAG

Goal Setting From Brute Strength's Michael Cazayoux

How often do you look at the BIG picture of your life, and really spell out what you want out of it? How often do you create a clear vision, and how often do you check-in with yourself to see if your actions are in line with that vision?


Dani Sheriff

Willpower and Maturity in Dieting

We grow more and more into our jobs, hobbies, sports and relationships as we go. Our journey to improved nutrition, performance and body composition is no different.


Melanie Barnshaw

Consistency Wins the Race

It requires dedication, will power and action and is the key to building long-lasting, sustainable habits. It is a recommitment to our goals each and every day.