How To Heal Your Gut—WAG Nutrition Copy
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How to Heal Your Gut: A Healthy Microbiome Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Today we’re going to share what gut health is, why gut health matters, and specific tips for supporting gut health. But don’t stress about implementing everything you learn at once—most people don’t need to “heal” their gut completely but will still see improvements in their health and body composition when implementing the tips below.

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What to Eat (and Avoid) During Your Period

“That time of the month” can come with many questions, like what to eat (and avoid) during your period, how to reduce bloating, and what to do about creeping cravings. Here are some tips on how to feel your best during a time many usually don’t.

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6 Reasons and Solutions for Bloating

After crushing it at the gym and hitting your macros perfectly all week long, you look in the mirror and feel, well, bloated and uncomfortable. Everything you do has an effect on your body. Take a look at the possible causes of bloating and “fluffiness.”