Your Game Plan for Tailgate Season

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It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re watching for the touchdowns or the halftime show, football season is a perfect time to get together with friends and family while cheering on your favorite team.

But we get it. With all of the tempting treats at arm’s reach, it takes a ton of willpower to pass them up. Thankfully, it takes just a little bit of planning ahead to make your tailgate party a touchdown, and we’ve got the playbook to show you how.

Anticipate the Play

Make sure to track all of your potential snacks and drinks before you partake in any game-day snacking. This way, you won’t be stuck in the 4th quarter praying for a comeback.

Play Defense

Eat a protein-packed meal before heading out. Lean protein sources are the toughest to come by and you will have plenty of access to foods higher in carbs and fat.

Showing up to the party hungry will make it much harder to pass on the tempting snacks. Fried chicken wings don’t fit in my macros and they probably don’t fit in yours either! Give yourself the time to assess the situation before eating anything.

Share the Ball -

- and your snacks. Bring a macro-friendly dish to share that you know you’ll enjoy while hitting your macros. How about Potato Bowls, Cheesy Chipotle Peppers or Conscious Coleslaw?

Watch the Clock

Space your food and drinks throughout the game. If you eat too quickly, you will be much more tempted to go back for seconds. Want to have a drink or two? Make sure you know how to track your alcohol correctly and definitely sip something non-alcoholic between drinks! Download our WAG Alcohol Calculator app to use when you’re in a pinch.

Get the First (Sit) Down

Grab a plate and fill it up with high-volume foods before sitting down. You are much more likely to overeat if you stand and graze at the snack table.

Focus on Your Teammates

Concentrate on the environment and enjoying the company you’re with. Becoming more present in your conversations, the atmosphere, and the game will take the focus off of the food!

Follow the Rules

Stick to your game plan and use definitive language when you are done eating and drinking. “Thank you, but I can’t have more than one drink” is a much more powerful statement than, “I think I’m fine for now, thanks though!”

Listen to Your Coach

This one is self-explanatory ;)

Looking for other snack-size treats you can bring along to the tailgate? Try this recipe for Zucchini Bites, these low-fat Air Fryer Corn Dogs or break out your Instant Pot to make our favorite high-protein Light Chicken Salad.

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