Gym gear won’t make or break an athlete, but there is nothing like having your trusty favorites to get you through a tough workout.

Whether you’re looking to re-outfit your training swag or are just plain curious — the Team WAG coaches are giving you a sneak peak into their gym bags to reveal their most loved training gear, mobility essentials and snack or two!

Kelsie: CrossFit and Mountaineer

  1. Reebok Lifter 2.0
  2. "Nubs" to protect thumbs while snatching
  3. Bobby pins and pony tails
  4. Deodorant
  5. Extra socks

Josh: Powerlifting and Weightlifting

  1. Coffee (or some pre-workout)
  2. Gallon jug of water
  3. Post workout protein shake and carb (like a banana or something easy)
  4. Inzer Forever Belt
  5. STRONG Knee Sleeves

Alexa: Weightlifting

  1. Orb Ball (basically a larger, softer lacrosse ball used for rolling out and trigger points)
  2. Nike Romaleo lifters
  3. HookGrip Knee Wraps
  4. Rogue Wrist Wraps
  5. Harbinger Lifting Belt

Taylor: Weightlifting

  1. Thumb tape
  2. Knee sleeves
  3. Wrist wraps
  4. Aleve
  5. IcyHot

Adee: Weightlifting

  1. Kilosnotlbs Knee Wraps
  2. Extra tank top (I live in Texas)
  3. Swell Water Bottle
  4. Workout journal
  5. Wallis Weight Belt

Crosby: CrossFit

  1. Nike Metcons
  2. Wrist wraps
  3. Jump rope
  4. Driven Nutrition PreWod
  5. Rogue Lifting Belt

Hillary: Weightlifting

  1. Nike Romaleos
  2. Tape
  3. Ryoku Lifting Straps
  4. Kilosnotlbs Knee Wraps
  5. Wallis Weight Belt
  6. My training journal
  7. I also like to keep headphones and extra CLEAN socks!

Francesco: Powerlifting

  1. Sling Shot Hip Circle
  2. Lacrosse ball
  3. Deodorant
  4. Tissues (for my runny nose, not tears)
  5. Money for post-workout fro-yo

Ivette: Weightlifting

  1. Nike Romaleo, because Adidas stopped making my favorite Adistars
  2. Tape - Goat Tape (for my thumbs) and Average Broz Tape (for my ring fingers because somehow I get nasty calluses there)
  3. Eleiko Lifting Belt (because I have a great hubby that got me one last year for Christmas!)
  4. HookGrip Knee Wraps
  5. Training log and pen (because I need to know what I'm doing and I need a place to write down my sets as I do them or else I get totally lost!)

Kate: Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

  1. Resistance loops for activation and making everything way harder
  2. Headphones
  3. STRONG Knee Sleeves
  4. Inzer 13mm Lever Belt
  5. Baby wipes

Melanie: CrossFit, Weightlifting and Powerlifting

  1. Skipping rope
  2. Elastoplast tape
  3. Callus file
  4. Teaspoon
  5. Antibacterial cream

Chris: CrossFit

  1. Sour Patch Kids
  2. Rogue 5" Nylon Weightlifting Belt
  3. Rogue Oly Leather Lifting Straps
  4. Sling Shot Hogan Wraps
  5. Rehband Compression Knee Sleeves

Ashley: Weightlifting and CrossFit

  1. Pendlay Shoes/ Reebok Nanos
  2. Harbinger Lifting Belt
  3. LiveSore Wrist Wraps
  4. Spud Inc. Knee Wraps
  5. Extra socks

What are your top 5 gym bag essentials? We’d love to hear what keeps you performing your best!