Ways to Celebrate Without Food

At a young age, we’re taught that food is the go-to for celebrating an achievement. We want to encourage you to think outside the box the next time you want to treat yourself for hitting a new PR, achieving a weight loss goal or securing that promotion you’ve been after at work.

Treat yourself with something goal related.

The best reward for your dedication when you reach a goal should be one that invests back into your journey, rather than one that distracts from it.

Treat yourself to:

  • A new pair of lifters
  • Upgraded glass Tupperware
  • That journal/planner you’ve been eyeing
  • An Instant Pot to streamline meal prep
  • A talk by a motivational speaker or author that inspires you
  • A mini road trip to a cool gym you’ve been wanting to try

Pamper yourself.

Work hard, rest hard.

Allow yourself to unplug and pamper in a way that feels luxurious to you. That could be a trip to the spa, a zen afternoon in the wilderness, a couple hours on the couch with a book or whatever makes you feel relaxed.

Celebrate your hard work each week by going #WAGunplugged with us every Saturday, where we focus on simply doing things we love. Giving yourself a dose of R&R is the perfect way to feel refreshed before diving back into the grind!

Buyback your time.

Buyback some of your own time by outsourcing tasks that otherwise put a time constraint on relaxing. This could include dropping your mountain of laundry off at a wash and fold service, having groceries delivered straight to your door, or investing in a meal prep service like Trifecta that takes care of your meals for the week so you don’t have to.

How do you like to mark a special achievement in your life? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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