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After the 2016 Games, Emily was ready to call her appearance at the 2017 Games her last. After two back-to-back negative experiences and setbacks from rhabdomyolysis in 2015 and a herniated disk in 2016, she was mentally and physically ready to throw in the towel.

During those years, Emily dealt with what she described as the worst anxiety of her life. Simple tasks were hard and it came down to just putting things into perspective and wanting a more balanced life.

“I don’t want me retiring from the sport to say I don’t like this sport. I want to encourage people to do it. It’s just I feel like my time is up,” Emily said.

However, at the end of what she assumed would be her last season, Emily looked around feeling better than she had in years prior. Although her husband describes 2015 as the fittest he’s ever seen her, she didn’t feel as wrecked as some of the people around her, and with that small victory she realized she had enough in her for one more year.

Watch as Emily talks about what she’s going to miss most, what she hopes for her last performance at the Games and how all the lessons she’s learned over the years from CrossFit will continue to be a large part of her life after competing.

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