As a gym owner and coach, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to providing a quality service to your clients.

Maintaining the facility, running classes, coaching, educating your clients and coaches, programming, hosting events, setting a coaching schedule, maintaining the website, taking care of those “behind the scenes” duties and so much more goes into what you do!

While your business might currently be focused on CrossFit or another type of functional fitness, we’ve all heard some version of the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen.”

No matter how much time and hard work our clients put in at the gym, there’s no arguing the fact that nutrition plays a huge factor in their results.

Unfortunately, adding on developing and coaching your own independent nutrition program through your gym would be enough for anyone to feel completely overwhelmed! 

So how can you support your clients’ nutrition journey while also maintaining your sanity and giving 100% back to your gym and its community? 

The WAG Business Program allows you to truly become a one-stop shop for your clients’ fitness needs, rather than having to direct them elsewhere for their nutrition.

It allows you to provide personalized nutrition coaching to your clients with training and support from WAG, a company that has helped thousands of people reach their health, fitness and nutrition goals.  

We asked our 10 top-performing gyms about their businesses and WHY they decided to use the WAG Business Program. They shared some of their stories below:

What is your personal superpower as a business owner, and how did you develop it?

  • “The ability to dream, see the bigger picture, put that dream into reality and constantly strive to achieve those things without restriction.” – James and Deanna Mawson, Tribe MVMNT

  • “Addressing the mental side of eating is my personal superpower as a business owner. Focusing on not just what we are eating but WHY has really helped in the development of this.” – Heather Walsh, Norwottuck CrossFit

  • “My personal superpower is delegating tasks and “putting out fires.” Developing these skills took some time, practice and even failing my first go-round owning the gym. I have learned that when you delegate a task, it is important that you are delegating it to someone because you know they will be a better fit for the job, not because you are burnt out and desperate to hand it off. Owning a business is tough and while it can be very stressful and emotional, it is also extremely rewarding and gratifying! Delegating has helped me step up and run the business, not let it run me.” – Bryndy Sheets, CrossFit East Peoria

What is your gym’s superpower?

  • “Creating an environment where anybody can improve and feel comfortable and supported while doing so.” – Heather Walsh, Norwottuck CrossFit

  • “Our community! Without a doubt, I believe we have the most amazing community in the area! A key part of creating that community was shifting the focus at our gym to making lifestyle changes, rather than solely focusing on fitness through CrossFit. We cater more to your everyday person looking to lose weight and get healthy and we knew that we could not only help them by providing a great fitness program, but also by focusing on nutrition, mindset, recovery and much more. At our gym, we provide the entire package, and by doing so we’ve built a community that cares and is passionate about helping new people feel welcome when they walk through our doors because they remember having been there themselves!” – Bryndy Sheets, CrossFit East Peoria

  • “We’ve created a space for our members where they can laugh, have fun and leave with a smile.” – James and Deanna Mawson, Tribe MVMNT

What’s the single biggest mistake you’ve made as a gym owner, and what did you learn from it?

  • “My single biggest mistake would be thinking that I could do everything on my own and not trusting others to do a better job than myself. I’ve learned that it is important to rely on others to help me out and to hand over responsibilities that either I don’t enjoy or that someone else is more efficient with. I don’t know how to do it all and coaches need coaches too, which is why I have a business coach AND my own nutrition coach through WAG.” – Bryndy Sheets, CrossFit East Peoria

  • “We have made many mistakes and it would be tough to pick the single biggest one. Our takeaway from each mistake has been to look at each misstep, find what we can learn from it, how to improve and then to create a system to change the issue or figure out an identification process that alerts and helps keep us from going down the same path. We do our best to understand that no one is perfect and we are all doing our best with what we have in that moment.” – Merissa and Todd Wise, CrossFit Currahee

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve actually implemented?

  • “Never stop learning and never stop caring.” – Heather Walsh, Norwottuck CrossFit

  • “Embrace SLOW growth, make employment at your gym valuable to staff and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.” – Daniel Lopez-Calleja, CrossFit Soul

  • “Look for big and little improvements that you can make and don’t get complacent.” – Merissa and Todd Wise, CrossFit Currahee

Why did you sign up for the WAG Business Program?

  • “We wanted to be able to offer our clients a high-quality nutrition program that was easy to navigate.” – Daniel Lopez-Calleja, CrossFit Soul

  • “WAG owns the best tools for accountability, tracking, measuring and connecting with clients. On top of that, their view of nutrition is not single-minded or a “one way or the highway” type of approach. We want to find the best fitness program for our clients and WAG has always been in the business of getting results while finding the best nutrition lifestyle for each person. The partnership made sense!” – Merissa and Todd Wise, CrossFit Currahee

  • “To insert another stream of income into our gym through a platform that has already been developed and that we don’t have to set up or create the software for. We also knew the reputation of WAG was solid and that the Business program was a ready-made marketing system for us!” – James and Deanna Mawson, Tribe MVMNT

How has it affected your ability to get your athletes to reach their goals?

  • “Our athletes are starting to notice a lot of changes in their bodies and performance, as well as the ability to make this a lifestyle, not a short-term fix. Our goal is to help our athletes make lifestyle and nutrition changes, while also teaching them the tools they need to maintain their goals and results for life. It has been awesome when they realize that this is about so much more than a number on the scale!” – Bryndy Sheets, CrossFit East Peoria

  • “The WAG Business Program has created an avenue for us to filter athletes through when they want to improve every part of their lives. Sometimes their training is going well, but they need that “something else” to help them achieve the next level in their lives. Every one of our clients who is working with one of our coaches has seen more results in the gym, their attendance has improved and their performance improves too.” – James and Deanna Mawson, Tribe MVMNT

  • “All of the athletes who buy into the process, listen, work hard, take feedback and own their part have changed their lives physically, mentally and emotionally. Improving their performance in workouts is an added bonus too! We now have the ability to create a total health model that we can confidently say will give you results.” – Merissa and Todd Wise, CrossFit Currahee

How has it affected your business from a revenue and retention standpoint?

  • “With the addition of the WAG Business Program, we’ve been able to create a new full-time coaching position and we are in the process of adding a second coach to take the overflow of clients. This is largely due to the amazing results that have been achieved by our Coach and her clients.” – James and Deanna Mawson, Tribe MVMNT

  • “We are definitely seeing increased revenue from the WAG Business Program. Our athletes are taking it seriously and we’ve actually had to cap our signups while our second coach finishes her training! It’s been rewarding both from a revenue standpoint as well as the fact that you truly get to help people change their lives and be happy with themselves. This is helping us retain our current members as well as draw in new members when their family and friends see the amazing results they are having!” – Bryndy Sheets, CrossFit East Peoria

  • “It’s safe to say our athletes who have invested in both the WAG Business Program and our CrossFit program will be with us for life. The WAG Business Program has allowed us to create opportunities for more of our coaches to make a living and for us to be able to invest more into the gym for future growth.” – Merissa and Todd Wise, CrossFit Currahee

The WAG Business Program is for gym owners who want to offer high-quality nutrition coaching to their members without having to reinvent the wheel. The proven system provides education and support for you and your coaches while giving your clients the ultimate level of accountability.

How can you offer WAG nutrition to your gym members?

Registration is currently open to apply to become a WAG Business Program user! As a WAG Business, you’ll gain access to our coach training and support, our advanced nutrition coaching software and marketing materials.

This is your opportunity to give your clients support in their nutrition so they can reach their loftiest goals, without distracting you from your (lofty) professional commitments.

Click here to learn more about the WAG Business Program, how to get started and the success both you and your clients can achieve.