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The Ways in Which Water Works For You!

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Water is an essential ingredient to ensuring our bodies continue to function properly each and every day. It has an incredible impact on our performance, mood, energy and progress. Each day, our bodies lose water through the excretion of body fluids, such sweat and urine. This then has to replaced through the liquids and foods we consume throughout the day. To allow us to be able to continue performing at our peak, it is important that we pay attention to our intake and remain adequately hydrated throughout the day. Water has many amazing health benefits to offer, in addition to being free, readily available and the most macro friendly refreshment around!

Below are just some of the ways water works for you:

  • It help to regulate body temperature
  • Provides the body with important vitamins and minerals
  • Aids digestion
  • It helps to flush out nasty toxins
  • Increases feelings of satiety
  • Aids weight loss
  • Promotes progress and muscle growth
  • Helps to lubricate our joints
  • Improves energy, focus and clarity
  • Boosts our immune system
  • Speeds up our metabolism
  • Essential for proper muscle function

Tips and Tricks to increase your water intake:

  • Place a flask on your desk to keep this front of mind.
  • Make it a part of your routine by filling up your water each time you make a trip to the copier, the washroom, or get up from your desk.
  • Always carry a water bottle with you no matter where you go - Handbag, manbag or gym bag!
  • Setting reminders in your phone or on your computer!
  • Download a water tracking app such as Plant Nanny, Water Logged or My Water Balance
  • Drink through a straw
  • Add Water Enhancers such as MIO
  • Spice it up with refreshing mint, cucumber, lemon or lime - whatever comb tickles your fancy
  • Switch up to sparkling water for a change of pace!
  • Infuse a jug overnight with refreshing fruits or spices
  • Make ice cubes with fruit flavored water
  • Consume fruits and veggies with a higher water content such as watermelon strawberries, lettuce, cucumber, peppers, and eggplant just to name a few!

There many different ways to increase your water intake throughout the day. What are some of yours?

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