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Tracking macros might make you want to keep things simple to save time or it may bring out your inner chef- regardless of your preference, eating tasty food can help you feel excited about meal prep, while pleasing your family and friends with your meal creativity.

We compiled some of our favorite cookbooks and online resources to help keep things fresh in the kitchen! All of these resources list nutritional values to give you a rough estimate of what the macros per serving are.

Remember, macros listed are approximate and it’s still important to calculate nutrition on each recipe based on your own ingredients and portions. HERE is an easy tutorial on how to calculate an accurate serving of bulk food. 


The Feed Zone Cookbook
America’s Test Kitchen - Healthy Family Cookbook
Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook
Hungry Girl To the MAX
The Low Carb Gourmet


The Macro Experiment
Skinny Taste
Hungry Girl
Drizzle Me Skinny
Emily Bites
Busy But Healthy
The Flexible Baker
Fit Men Cook

What are your favorite macro cookbooks and online resources?

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