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During our quest to reach our weight loss and / or performance goals, it’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life, operating on automatic, focusing only on the glaringly obvious markers that we feel serve as proof that we’re making progress. Just like renovating our family home, when looking to make changes to our physical home - our self, we require plans. Solid foundations must be built and secured along the way, and stages must be completed before we can reach completion of the project. In the absence of these crucial components, we may end up building a shack, which risks being blown away by even the slightest breeze, instead building a rock solid building, prepared to withstand even the harshest cyclonic winds.

Life is an adventure. It’s a journey full of love, laughs, opportunities and growth experiences. Progress is not just the number you see on the scale, it’s just one outcome caused by a series of many events that lead to this point. It’s also creating and changing parts of you for the better. It’s healing broken pieces inside you, gaining strength and growing as person. It’s learning to live authentically and be true to who you are. Without these core components met, no number on the scale will ever fulfil the longing we as humans all have for happiness.

Here at Working Against Gravity, it’s important to us that whilst you push forward towards your goals, whatever they may be, that along the way you celebrate and appreciate that progress comes in more ways than one. We want you to acknowledge all your achievements and growth along the way, to gain a greater appreciation for yourself and your journey, and bring awareness to the reality that your life is already so rich and your inner world is a very bright and warm place.

Below are just some examples of how you may be progressing without recognition:

Progress is:

  • Changing thought patterns
  • Drinking more water
  • Making better food choices that support your goals
  • Learning a new skill at the gym
  • Choosing better feeling thoughts
  • Going to the gym more often
  • Speaking kinder to yourself
  • Clothes fitting better
  • Energy levels improve
  • Inches lost
  • Performance in the gym improves. You’re making noticeable gains on lifts / reps performed increases.
  • Hair, skins and nails improve -You found a glow!
  • Facing our fears and not walking away from them
  • Accepting that we are never going to be perfect, and that’s OK
  • Building and maintaining a morning routine
  • Building and maintaining a healthy bedtime routine - Improving sleep quality
  • Saying no in a situation where you would usually say yes
  • Practicing forgiveness towards yourself and others
  • Meal preparation
  • You started a meditation and / or daily practice
  • Doing something you never thought possible - as such climbing a mountain, putting your body weight over your head.
  • Wearing no shirt in the gym / working out in a sports bra.
  • Saying you love your body and meaning it
  • Telling your friends and family about your goals, and owing them
  • Having the confidence to stand up for what you believe in
  • Walking to the store instead of driving
  • Choosing to read a book or have conversations over watching TV
  • Focusing on your inner world not your outer world
  • Making career changes that reflect who you really are
  • Breaking bad habits and replacing them for habits that support your values
  • Removing yourself from toxic people and relationships that no longer serve you
  • Mastering the art of letting go
  • Learning to not take things so personally
  • No longer making assumptions about what you think people are thinking
  • No longer judging yourself or others

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Posted by Melanie Barnshaw

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