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Mantras: Your One Liner for Success

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The term “fake it till you make it,” is not just about actions. The words you choose to tell yourself can either build you up or break you down.

We all have lingering false truths in our minds that are self-imposed limits brought on by negative self-talk. You may have branded yourself as being fat, being a constant worrier, being bad with money or not able to achieve your goals — these are not facts, these are beliefs that you create.

In the same way, we may repeat negative phrases to ourselves, we can choose to actively combat that negativity by creating a positive affirmation or mantra that can be used in moments of doubt.

photo credit: @explorewithlor


What makes a good mantra and how do you make one?

  • Keep it simple. It should be only a few words or a sentence at most.
  • Make it specific to what you want to achieve or overcome. For example: if you want to be more open and social, something like “My presence is of value to others!” would be perfect.
  • If you’re not sure where to start, try free writing about what it is that you want to manifest into your life. Don’t feel pressured to keep any specific format, just clear your brain.
  • Take time to pull honest evidence that dispels your negative truths so that your affirmation can be built on true facts! If your goal is to be better at asserting yourself, sit down and reflect on times that you have asserted yourself successfully. How did it feel? What concerns did you have before you acted? Did things turn out as expected?
photo credit: @explorewithlor


How should you use it?

  • Use it consistently. First thing in the morning is great to set the tone for the day, as well as before bed to affirm to yourself your current intention or goal.
  • Write it places! Put it on your mirror, on your fridge, as your phone background, and set a reminder mid-day with it as the label. The more you can remind yourself, the better.
  • If you are a journaler, begin your entry with writing the mantra and reflect on what it means for you in that moment or in the context of your day.

The beauty of mantras is that they are short, sweet and effective. Think of them as a kind little note of support to a loved one that needs a boost. It can be challenging to recognize and own our own greatness as we do the greatness of others, but like any other skill, it becomes easier with practice.

What is your personal mantra? What kind of creative ways do you incorporate it into your day?

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