The thought of eating a meal out when you’re new to tracking macros, can seem a little daunting and overwhelming. This especially can be the case when you’re faced with the challenge of finger foods or a tapas-style menu, with all of their different portions, combinations and ingredients.

Although you might not get your macros completely accurate in these cases, doing your best to estimate and practice those skills will always be better than not tracking at all.

Below are a number of tricks to help you navigate the tapas menu:

Keep it simple: Sticking with simple items that are easy to track will always be a safe bet. Grilled lean proteins, veggies and dishes without too much oil or sauce will help to keep your macros in check!

Avoid the deep fried: The  amount of calories in deep fried food can be shockingly high, and typically tends to include very little protein with a lot of fats and carbs. Skip the deep fried and go for something grilled or roasted!

Share a serving:  Just because the item is served singular, doesn’t mean it has to be a single portion. Share the love with a friend and enjoy just a bite!

Pick your portion: Portion out what you want to eat on a seperate plate and avoid eating directly from the main plate so you can be mindful of how much you’ve eaten and make any changes, like removing excess sauce or cheese.

Take photos: To avoid tracking at the table so you’re fully present with your company and meal, take a quick photo to capture not only the memory of the moment, but also the macros to track later!

Honesty is always the best policy: Adding in a sufficient buffer and being honest with our estimations is an important key to your progress. Check the cuts of meats and assume that ingredients aren’t reduced fat and cooked with surplus oils and butters than in your own kitchen.

With the portions already served out, tracking tapas can actually be easier than you might think. By planning ahead, keeping things simple and sharing the denser items, you can still enjoy the variety and tastes this style of eating has to offer!