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Food is often the center of social gatherings and even if you have the ability to choose to fit food in, sometimes it’s nice to shift gears so that you don’t need to worry about the extra planning. It might feel hard to think of non-food and drink related activities but there is no shortage of options! Here are 10 ideas to inspire you to make some ‘out of the box’ memories!!

Take a Class
Take a chance at that hobby you were always too nervous to go alone, or bring your pals/sweetie for a night of expanding your horizons. Learn to salsa, throw pottery (or just paint it!), or join a pick up sports league.

Take in a Show
Research some cheap local theater, dance troupes, comedy nights- there are plenty of options outside your normal blockbuster film.

Get Outside
Some of us are blessed with friendlier climates than others but exploring either the hidden green space around you or trekking out for a day trip there are few things more tranquil than a day spent with mother nature.

Give back. Call around to see what local animal shelter, soup kitchen, shelter or organization might need a few sets of hands to progress their cause- that’s a Saturday well spent!

Find a new coffee shop
NEW is the operative word. Seek out an interesting cafe that serves imported beans, has an in-house roastery or a beautiful selection of tea. Make an occasion of it, dress up a little and connect over a delicious drink.

Have a games night
If your city has a board game cafe, go check out some of the newly released boardgames designed for adults or kick it old school at home with some UNO or Scrabble.

Check out a local gallery or art walk
Galleries are a great way to kill a few hours and they usually have cheap nights! Research coming exhibits or artists talks! You can also stumble upon some incredible work by seeking out independently run galleries or featured art walks that take you around several in one night.

Bowling, Mini golf, Go-carts, Arcade
#Throwback. Relive your fondest childhood memories trying to show off your vintage skills. Who knows, maybe you don’t need the bumper rails anymore!

Be a Tourist in Your Own City
There are always those things that you just never get around to, whether it be a tourist attraction, a historic sight or museum just go on and check it out. It might be cliche or seem cheesy but there is a reason your city is famous for it.

Use Groupon
When all else fails, Groupon or other similar sites always have endless options and you often can access things that normally wouldn’t be in the Friday night snack bracket! Plus there are some pretty unusual options that you may have never considered- why not?!

Not only do these activity provide a macro friendly for your social life, but you might be surprised at how refreshing it is to do something else for a change. Dinner and drinks is convenient, and an enjoyable routine but just because it’s what you’ve always done doesn’t mean it’s what you always need to do!

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