If you want to make this year your best CrossFit Open performance yet, you’re likely wondering if your nutrition approach needs to change over the next few weeks. The short answer is “maybe”.

Like much of nutrition, what is best for you and the changes you need to make depends on your goal, body, current nutrition approach, and so much more. Let’s help you nail down if you need to make nutrition changes during the CrossFit Open season and, if so, what to adjust.


Who Should Change Their Nutrition Approach During the CrossFit Open?

Here are a few examples of people who may need to adjust their nutrition approach for the CrossFit Open:

  1. High-level or bubble athletes who plan to do the workouts more than once
  2. Athletes who want to optimize performance and haven’t changed their diet since starting CrossFit
  3. Athletes who adjust their typical workout time to accommodate the Open

High-level or Bubble Athletes

When it comes to “changing” your nutrition approach during the CrossFit Open, this could mean eating more or changing the timing of your meals. You may need to increase calories—mainly in the form of carbohydrates—if the Open requires you to train more often or at a higher intensity.

Although a coach can help anyone who wants to improve their performance, getting professional nutrition support will make a huge difference when you compete at a high level and need an edge over your competition.

Athletes Who are New to Nutrition

If you’re new to nutrition and haven’t paid much attention to the macro breakdown that may best support your performance and recovery, a change in protein and carbohydrate intake could make a huge difference in how you feel in the CrossFit Open and your day-to-day training.

Accommodating Schedule Changes

Does your gym do “Friday Night Lights” or a similar Open-specific event?

If so, you may find yourself shifting your typical workout time. If you normally train in the morning but shift your workout time to the late afternoon or night for the CrossFit Open, the macronutrient makeup of your meals around your workout likely needs to change, too.

Learn more about CrossFit-specific nutrition timing here!




Who Shouldn’t Change Their Nutrition Approach During the CrossFit Open?

Now that we’ve tackled who may need to adjust their nutrition approach during the CrossFit Open, here are a few examples of athletes who may not need to make any changes. 

  1. Athletes training for general performance and longevity
  2. Athletes who want to have fun while keeping weight loss their top priority through the CrossFit Open season

General Performance and Longevity 

For most people, the Open provides an opportunity to test your fitness and engage in friendly competition, but at the end of the day, it is just another workout. If your goal is to perform well but you don’t plan on moving on to the next stages of competition, you likely don’t need to make any massive changes to your nutrition approach.

Keep Weight Loss the Priority

Many people come to Working Against Gravity wanting to perform better in the gym while leaning out. If weight loss is your primary goal, we generally recommend sticking to your current nutrition plan throughout the Open season. You can still play around with nutrition timing to optimize performance and recovery if appropriate.


Additional Nutrition Resources for the CrossFit Open

Still wondering if you need to make nutrition changes for the CrossFit Open? A WAG Coach will learn more about your current nutrition, training frequency, body composition, and more to help you build (and adjust) a plan to reach your goals. 

Taking the guesswork out of your nutrition could be the difference between doing well this season and making it your best CrossFit Open yet!