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Food does more than just provide the body with essential nutrients and minerals needed for health, well-being and survival.

It brings together families and friends in celebrations. It provides an outlet for adventure, experience, creativity and individuality. It is the basis for many celebrations and with many blessings counted over it. It is one of many of our loves in life.

As individuals we are all unique in our own right. With different taste preferences, cultural backgrounds, and dietary requirements, the foods we consume vary greatly between each of us. The beauty of our program is, you’re able to eat the foods you enjoy with the loved ones in your life, whilst continuing to pursue and accomplish your goals.

Our coaches at Working Against Gravity all come from a variety of different backgrounds, just like you! We talked to some of our coaches about the go-to grocery items found in their basket each week to give you some insight and inspiration for the week ahead!



Egg whites Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt
Boneless skinless chicken breast 6-grain oats
Gala apples Egg whites
Broccoli slaw Strawberries/blackberries
Frozen veggies Flat out lite flat breads
Nitrate-free deli meat Cracked pepper turkey
Sugar snap peas Honey ham
Zucchini Baby spring mix greens
Cherry tomatoes Cherry tomatoes
Sweet potatoes Hearts of palm
Goat cheese Enlighten salted caramel ice cream
Mustard Light cottage cheese



Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt Bolthouse salad dressings
Egg whites Arctic zero ice cream
Spinach Sugar-free maple syrup
Zucchini Sugar-free Chocolate syrup
Deli turkey PB2/PB fit
Bolthouse farms dressing Spring mix
Chicken Breast 99% fat-free turkey
Rice cakes Chicken
Hansen's diet soda Green onion
Pamela's Gluten Free Waffle Mix Cilantro
Quick oats Cauliflower
Cashew milk Zucchini
Reduced sugar ketchup Eggs
SF Syrup Canadian bacon
  Krusteaz pancake mix
  Laughing cow cheese



Chicken Strawberries
Shrimp Bananas
96/4 lean beef Cantaloupe
Reduced fat cheese Ben and Jerrys
Half-Baked Froyo
Velveeta sliced cheese Mini pretzels
Eggs Eggs
Egg whites Peanut butter
Explore Asia pasta Dove dark chocolate promises
Reduced fat alfredo sauce Greek yogurt
Sweet potatoes Skinny cow cookies and
cream ice cream sandwiches
Center Cut Bacon  
Slow churned Ice Cream  


Romano bean bread
Egg whites
Halo Top
Chapman frozen yoghurt
Flat out low carb wraps
Mango Chipotle Bolthouse Dressing
Iceberg lettuce
Lindt 70% dark chocolate

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