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Willpower and Maturity in Dieting

We grow more and more into our jobs, hobbies, sports and relationships as we go. Our journey to improved nutrition, performance and body composition is no different.

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Moving Past Macro Fatigue

Pursuing any goal usually begins with a burst of motivation — the excitement to start something new and achieve something amazing.

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Change is hard. Big change, worthy change, change that matters, it’s all HARD. There is absolutely no denying it.

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The Greatness & Power of Gratitude

Having an optimistic outlook on life helps us maintain a positive mindset and live gratefully. Expressing gratitude costs nothing, yet has so many valuable benefits associated with it.

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Overcoming Perfectionism

When you’re an incredibly driven person, small mistakes and setbacks can easily be blown way out of proportion in your mind and feel catastrophic.

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Consistency Wins the Race

It requires dedication, will power and action and is the key to building long-lasting, sustainable habits. It is a recommitment to our goals each and every day.

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Give Your Cell Phone (and Brain) a Break

Every notification...every buzz…every alert... ...is a bid fighting for your attention, emotion and time. As a society so dependent on cell phones, it’s extremely important to be conscious of how and when you’re using yours.