why are micronutrients important?
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IIFYMicros: Why Are Micronutrients Important?

Counting macronutrients means having the freedom and flexibility to eat the food that you love. Getting caught up in the magic of fitting your favorite foods into your daily routine means we often forget about the importance of micronutrients.

Should I Eat If Im Not Hungry
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Should I Eat If I'm Not Hungry?

You just finished a meal and you still feel hungry or maybe (if you are a macro counter) you might have gone through all your macros and you feel your stomach rumbling at the end of the day. What should you do? Eat? Not eat? Hmmm… Come along for the journey while this question is answered.

Macrosfirst Tutorials
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MacrosFirst Tutorials: WAG Nutrition Ultimate Playlist

MacrosFirst is our favorite app for counting macros over here at Working Against Gravity! Because it is the macro tracking app we recommend to our members, we created a big list of MacrosFirst tutorials to make the tracking process as quick and easy as possible.

WAG Nutrition Macro And Calorie Calculator
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WAG Nutrition Macro and Calorie Calculator

Many people come to WAG Nutrition wanting to know how many calories they need to lose weight. Then, when they get the initial macros from their coach, they wonder “how do you calculate macros?” or how to calculate a calorie deficit. Use this calorie calculator guide as a jumping-off point.