Team WAG

WAG Wednesdays: Macro Tracking at Chipotle

We took a visit and calculated the macros for three orders at one of our faves — Chipotle! So next time you’re looking for convenient, macro-friendly options you can pull this out of your toolkit.


Adee Cazayoux

WAG Q&A With Adee, Episode 27: MyFitnessPal Hacks

MyFitnessPal is an excellent resource for tracking macros, but it can be hard to stay consistent with your nutrition when your entries aren’t. That’s why Adee is sharing some of her favorite hacks for avoiding false entries.


Dani Sheriff

The Complete Guide to MyFitnessPal Tutorials

Over the last few years we’ve written and recorded video tutorials for the most requested MyFitnessPal How-To’s. We put together this list of our top nine tutorials to make it easy for you to access at any time.