Ali Macy

High Protein Costco Foods (With Pictures!)

In search of high-protein Costco foods? Look no further! Today, we’re (literally) unpacking our go-to high protein picks from one of our favorite box stores.


Andi Petty

3 Easy Ways to Help Clients Eat More Protein

One of the biggest challenges you may face as a nutrition coach is helping your clients eat more protein. If a client has never followed a macronutrient-based nutrition plan, the idea of hitting a specific ‘protein goal’ may be completely foreign to them. As a coach, you will need to educate your clients on the importance of protein, what their protein options are and how to eat enough protein in their day.


Dani Sheriff

Hit Your Macros with "Single Source" Foods

“Single-source macro” is a term we use for foods that have only ONE of the three macros: protein, carbs or fats. Having a list of foods to turn to when you have only one macro you need to fill is extremely helpful