The Top 6 Things Holding You Back From Losing Weight
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The Top 6 Things Holding You Back from Losing Weight

As a nutrition coach, one of the questions friends and family ask me most is, “Why can’t I lose weight?”. It’s a common question and not all surprising since the process of weight loss is complex and has a lot of variables.

Foods High In Water
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What Foods are High in Water?

Hydration plays a role in proper body functioning—from temperature regulation to aiding digestion, circulating vitamins and minerals, cellular reactions, and so much more.

Using AI To Plan Healthy Meals
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How to Use AI to Plan Healthy Meals

Are you wondering how to use AI to plan healthy meals for you and your family? Here are some of the best practices we suggest to ensure you get what you need while keeping planning and prepping quick, easy, and cost-effective.

How To Use A Food Scale
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How to Use a Food Scale to Count Calories and Macros

If you are starting to pay attention to your nutrition, learning how to use a food scale to count calories and macros will make the process easier. With a bit of time and practice, you can confidently determine what is in your food (and, therefore, how much you need to eat) to reach specific body composition, performance, and overall wellness goals.

Beat Bloat
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8 Ways to Beat Bloat: Tips from a Registered Dietitian

Whether you’ve enjoyed a big meal out, you ate too quickly, stress is high, or it is that time of the month, bloating happens! Here are eight ways to beat bloat from Brittany Werner, a registered dietitian and the Director of Coaching at Working Against Gravity.

How To Track Alcohol Macros
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Is Alcohol a Macronutrient? Tips for Counting Alcohol in Your Macros

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to tracking your alcoholic beverages correctly. At WAG Nutrition, we help you figure out how to track alcohol correctly and navigate the challenge of balancing your nutrition choices in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable but also gets you to your goals.