How To Find Your Brand Voice In The Nutrition Industry
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How to Find Your Brand Voice in the Nutrition Industry

Want to stand out in the nutrition coaching industry? The key is developing your brand voice in a way that is authentic and compelling to your audience. We get it, it can feel scary to find and trust your voice. But, it isn’t as difficult as it may sound or seem.

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How to Set Up a Health Challenge to Get Clients

The most common worry we hear from prospective nutrition coaches is that they lack confidence in their ability to get clients. Today I am going to write about one of the new strategies we’ve used at WAG to get new clients: hosting a challenge!

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How to Find (and Keep!) Clients as a Nutrition Coach

Online nutrition coaching is a relatively new field so I can understand why they (and maybe you too) feel a little skeptical and unsure about whether it’s possible to find success in it. Well, I am here to tell you that success is possible.