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When Your Training Needs a Change

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Have you been injured, relocated or fallen out of love with your training program? Perhaps you have less time to train or you’ve met your goals and are unsure of what’s next.

Many of us look forward to our gym time and use it as our main outlet for stress. It’s a place to challenge ourselves physically and mentally and a place to be social.

However, as life changes, so do our goals and preferences. What we once found enjoyable and satisfying may no longer be as exciting.

Knowing when to move on can be both difficult and scary. We might worry that changes to our training could mean lost friendships and changes in our self-imposed identity.

Know your priority & your WHY

Whether your goals involve competition, optimal health, weight loss, stress relief or a social network, knowing your priorities and remaining clear on your intentions will help to avoid disappointment, frustration and misuse of your time and resources.

Be clear on your actual goals and train for them

Performance or aesthetics? Are you training to be an athlete, a fitness model or for recreation? The nutrition and training requirements for each of these are likely to vary greatly from one another! It’s unrealistic to think we’ll gain 10 lbs. of lean mass doing yoga three times a week or hit our marathon fully prepared when we’re following a Russian strength program only.

Strategize changing your routine

Trying new things does not mean we are giving up for good. It simply means we’re diversifying our knowledge base and skill set. And giving our mind and body a chance to gain strength in other areas.

If we don't like the change, we can always change back. Integrating and/or blending a combination of training together to fit our needs NOW and what is going on in our life NOW is a valuable strategy!

It is OK to change our training.
It is OK to have an interest in something else.
It is OK to want a break from something.

What is not OK is continuing to participate in something that is making you unhappy, stressed or decreases your quality of life! Remain open to trying new things, allow yourself to let go of your old identity and give yourself a chance to create a new one!

What changes have you made over your training career?

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Posted by Melanie Barnshaw

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