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What to Order at an Italian Restaurant

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When you’re counting macros and trying to stick to your goals, the idea of visiting an Italian restaurant can seem dreadful. Trust us, we know. The pasta stuffed with cheese, extra parmesan, creamy dressing and free bread and butter as you wait can be a serious headache while trying to maintain your daily macro count. But that doesn’t mean you should turn down a night out, a first date or a friend’s engagement dinner for fear of losing all of your progress thus far.

With the right tools, you can track your meals with confidence while eating out. That’s why we created this infographic — to be your go-to guide when ordering at Italian restaurants. It shows you how to keep your meal simple so that it’s easier to track and lays out some different recommendations depending on your goals. Print it out or screenshot it so that it’s handy the next time you find yourself wondering what to order at your favorite Italian restaurant.

For more tips on ordering at other kinds of restaurants, check out our Guides Page.

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