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When we first started WAG our mission was to help people learn how to track their food, stay consistent, and see results they had been longing for. If I had learned anything in my years as a coach, student, and athlete in fitness, it was that in order to make any transformation happen you needed to get in control of your diet even more so than hitting the gym. So I brought together the smartest, most dedicated, and hard working people I knew, developed a system and got people to follow it. Along the way we have led thousands of people to amazing results, made mistakes, listened to our customers, and took their feedback seriously to create the best program we possibly could. This is still and forever will be a work in progress.

At Working Against Gravity we pride ourselves on creating a unique relationship with our members. Initially this was to see the “data” (macros, body weight, etc.) and analyze for trends to lead our members towards their goals. We encouraged people on the team to let us know how their week went, what they were feeling, and to reach out for any support they needed. The result was overwhelming, we really got to know our members and I am fortunate enough to say that most of them have become our friends. We quickly realized that although hitting your macros yields results, what people really needed and benefitted from was strategies for making a change fit their current lifestyle, accountability, and most importantly judgment free support through the good days and the bad.

Over and over we heard:

  • "This week was very stressful so tracking went out the window..."
  • "My friends don’t understand why I am doing what I am doing..."
  • "This week the scale went up and I just broke down..."
  • "Going out for dinner was really difficult..."
  • "I am always thinking about food..."
  • "I cant stand to see this 'fluff' on my body..."
  • "I went over my macros and spiraled out of control..."
  • "It is so hard to stop craving that comfort food..."

We have always wanted to change peoples bodies but now it became apparent that our focus should shift to something bigger than that.

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life and the centre of nearly every social experience. Although this can be delicious and exciting, if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, maintain or achieve an aesthetic or performance goal, you need to learn moderation and for lack of better words, how to make it fit. Do we think the answer is avoid food completely? No. Do we think the answer is weighing and measuring your food for the rest of your life? Only if you want it to be.

What we really want is for every member to feel confident and comfortable eating some, but not all. We want them to know what being “on track” feels like and looks like, this way you can sometimes put away with the food scales and measuring tapes and eat with confidence. Eating with confidence is knowing that you couldn't possibly get too far from your goals and when you choose to you have the tools to go back to being more diligent.

Too often our members, and a lot of society in general, associate their self-worth with their bodies and physical abilities. Ultimately, we want our members to know that the way they are right now is enough. Each and every one of them is already good looking enough, thin enough, strong enough and smart enough. We want people to leave us feeling like food has no power to cause them stress, frustration, or discomfort. Through learning to navigate their relationship with food we want our members to love themselves and their bodies, all while connecting and engaging with the people and activities that make them happy, truly happy.

Some people don’t want to count their macros forever (some do and that’s cool too), and contrary to popular belief if they don't want to, we don't want them to either! We chose our coaches with this in mind. Each and every one of them is constantly learning and already equipped with resources, skills, personal experience and strategies to help our members gain confidence in their food choices which will equate to a lifestyle that they choose for themselves.

WAG began as a diet program and has now evolved into something much greater.

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Adee is the founder of WAG. She has her bachelor’s degree in Honors Psychology, a Master’s in Teaching, and a Master’s in Nutrition & Human Performance. She’s also an athlete, having competed in the National Pro Grid League and winning the Bronze Medal in the 2016 Canadian National Weightlifting Championships.

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