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Whether you’re scrolling through a WAG blog post, messing around on the Facebook group, or reading a check-in or message from your coach, chances are you’ve stumbled across a word or term that confused you! Some of this WAG and nutrition stuff feels like a second language at first. Thankfully, we’ve thrown together a little WAG Dictionary that you can use next time you’re caught wondering what a WAGWord means!

  •      Accuracy (n.): Precision in tracking and measuring skills.

    ~“My measuring accuracy ensures that the numbers I enter into MyFitnessPal are correct.”
  •      Ambivalence (n.): The coexistence of conflicting (positive and negative) feelings toward a situation or goal, drawing an individual in opposite directions.

    ~“I am feeling some ambivalence about my goal to be consistent with my targets this week, because I was invited to a work party on Saturday.”
  •      Behavior Change (n.): Focusing on the many activities, approaches and stimuli that allow food choices and relationships to cause a shift in habits.

    ~“The biggest behavior change that has kept me successful in my journey is getting in the habit of meal prepping once a week.”
  •      Compliance (n.): Doing what you say you’ll do and following the plan you create with your coach.

    ~“My compliance this week was spot on!”
  •      Consistency (n.): The act of sticking with something and creating new habits.

    ~“My goal is to improve my consistency of taking my supplements every morning.”
  •      Deficit (n.): When your energy intake (calories) is lower than your energy expenditure (movement and body functioning). Most often utilized for fat loss.

    ~“I’m moving into a slight deficit to lean out before the summer hits!”

    ~Synonym: Cut
  •      Estimation (n.): Doing your best to eyeball portion sizes instead of using a food scale.

    ~“I put my estimation skills to good use when I went out to dinner last night.”
  •      Expectation Management (n.): Being honest with yourself about how your actions will be reflected in your results.

    ~“I’ve been practicing expectation management so that I’m ready when I come back to strict tracking after my family vacation, since I am going to be eating intuitively while I’m away.”
  •      Flexibility (n.): The ability to manipulate your diet to fit your specific goals, needs and circumstances.

    ~“I love that WAG gives me the flexibility to enjoy my favorite foods!”
  •      High Volume (adj.): Foods that have relatively less macronutrients per volume are generally higher in fiber and can be utilized to minimize hunger.

    ~“Wow, these blueberries are so high volume; I can eat 100 g for only 15C!”

    ~Synonyms: Eating for volume
  •      HIIT (n.): Abbreviation for High-Intensity Interval Training. These sessions combine a variety of movements done for a specified time domain. They require you to work at a higher stress capacity. Airdynes, ellipticals and rowing machines are ideal for HIIT sessions.

    ~“That HIIT workout was intense!”
  •      LISS (n.): Nickname for Low-Intensity Interval Training. This is a lower-impact exercise option usually performed for longer periods of time. Treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes are ideal for LISS sessions.

    ~“I love LISS because I can watch my favorite Netflix show while I work out!”
  •      Logging (v.): Entering your foods into your tracking app and into Seismic.

    ~“I just joined WAG, and logging my food over the past week has taught me a lot about my current food habits.”
  •      Long-term Goal (n.): Specific desired results set “way out in the future.” They are most effective when accompanied by short-term goals and strategies for accomplishing those goals.

    ~“My long-term goal is to lose 20 lbs.”

    ~Synonym: Outcome goal
  •      Macrofice (n.): A food that takes up a decent amount of your macros.

    ~“This burrito is totally worth the macrofice.”

    ~Synonym: Macro-expensive
  •      Macro-dense (adj.): Foods that have relatively more macronutrients (usually carbs and fats) per volume.

    ~“This chocolate cake is very macro-dense.”

    ~Synonyms: High-density
  •      Macro-fatigue (n.): The feeling you get after the initial excitement of counting your macros has worn off.

    ~“I’ve been feeling some macro-fatigue, so I let my coach know and he gave me some awesome strategies to help.”

    ~Synonym: Burnout
  •      Macro-friendly (adj.): Foods or meals that are easier to fit into your day and are generally characterized by being lower in fat and carbohydrates.

    “These pita breads are so macro-friendly!” or “I can definitely make that recipe more macro-friendly!”
  •      Macro-hoarding (v.): Saving your macros for a certain situation, usually a dinner out or other special occasions. This should not become a habit and should be used sparingly for optimal progress and to limit hunger, energy and mood swings.

    ~“I’m macro-hoarding for my company’s annual holiday party!”
  •      Macro Off-roading (n.): When you end up eating or doing something that you didn’t plan for.

    ~“I didn’t expect to eat all the finger foods at that party. I went macro off-roading.”
  •      Macro Tetris (n.): A “game” you have to play to hit your macros at the end of the day. Usually characterized by odd food combinations; can be avoided when meals are planned ahead of time.

    ~“This tuna and peanut butter sandwich is an odd combo… I’m playing some major Macro Tetris tonight!”
  •      Maintenance (n.): When focus shifts from changing your body to sustaining a composition you are confident and happy with. During this phase, your energy intake (calories) and energy expenditure (movement and body functioning) are relatively even.

    ~“Now that I have reached my current body composition goal and I’m feeling strong and confident, I am entering a maintenance phase.”
  •      Meal Prep (v.): Any actions you take NOW to make food choices and decisions LATER easier and more convenient.

    ~“I love to meal prep on Sundays so I’m ready to go on Monday morning.”
  •      MISS (n.): Nickname for Moderate-Intensity Interval Training. This is a lower-impact exercise option performed for time or for calories. Treadmills, ellipticals, Stairmasters and stationary bikes are ideal for MISS sessions.

    ~“My coach prescribed 15 minutes of MISS on the treadmill.”
  •      Non-scale Victory (n.): Progression to a goal that is not concerned with the number on the scale.

    ~“This was the first week I hit my macros every day, and it was a major non-scale victory!”

    ~Synonyms: Gym PRs, mindset shifts, measurement changes, consistency improvements, etc.
  •      Placebo Entry (n.): A pre-logged meal that hasn’t been eaten yet. A placebo entry is utilized so you can plan ahead for meals you intend to have, which will keep you closer to your target ranges.

    ~“I put a placebo entry in my logs for my birthday dinner tonight.”
  •      Process Goal (n.): Strategies and actions that you can use to achieve a goal. Process goals are a way to connect your short- and long-term goals.

    ~“My process goal is to meal prep every Sunday so I am set up for success for the week!”

    ~Synonym: Procedural goal
  •      Reaction (n.): A quick action or comment driven by instinct and emotion. Reactions often reflect unconscious prejudices, beliefs and thoughts.

    ~“My daughter dropped my favorite plate, and my reaction was to get frustrated and shout!”
  •      Refeed (n.): A specific day determined by your coach characterized by a higher carbohydrate intake.

    ~“My refeed day is this Friday.”
  •      Response (n.): A slow action or comment guided by conscious thought, understanding and empathy.

    ~“My daughter dropped my favorite plate, and my response was to take a deep breath and make sure she was okay.”
  •      Scale Victory (n.): Progression toward your weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance goal.

    ~“Today I hit my goal weight of 165 lbs., which is a huge scale victory!”
  •      Self-efficacy (n.): One’s belief in their ability to succeed in specific situations and reach their goals.

    ~“The first time I tracked through an entire weekend, my self
    -efficacy skyrocketed and now I know I can do it again.”
  •      Self-love (n.): Accepting and loving yourself for who you are!

    ~“My self-love game is STRONG since becoming more confident in my nutrition.”

    Synonym: Self-acceptance
  •      Short-term Goal (n.): A goal set in the near future (hour, day, week or even month) that is a stepping stone to get you closer to your long-term goal. They are most effective when accompanied by a process goal.

    ~“My short-term goal is to hit my macros every day this month.”

    ~Synonyms: Subgoal, micro-goal
  •      Sustainability (n.): The act of carrying a habit change throughout the rest of your life.

    ~“I am totally buying into the sustainability of counting macros because I learn what my body needs to THRIVE!”
  •      Surplus (n.): When your energy intake (calories) is higher than your energy expenditure (movement and body functioning). Most often utilized for weight and muscle gain.

    ~“My current goal is to put on weight and size, so I’ve talked to my coach about moving into a surplus.”

    ~Synonym: Mass
  •      Tag-along Macros (n.): The smaller amounts of carbs, proteins and/or fats associated with a food that is primarily made up of a different macronutrient.

    ~“There are two grams of tag-along fat macros in this chicken.”
  •      Target Ranges (pl. n.): Can be determined between you and your coach, but generally, your target ranges are +/- 5 g for protein and carbohydrates and +/- 2 g for fat.

    ~“I hit my macros within the target ranges every day this week.”
  •      Tracking (v.): Recording your food intake in some way, shape or form.

    ~“I am tracking my macros every day this week.”
  •      Tradeoff (n.): Debating and ultimately deciding between two options that are both appealing in some nature.

    I am going to have avocado with my eggs for breakfast as a tradeoff for cheese in my sandwich at lunch.” 
  •      TeamWAG: An amazing, driven community who support one another in reaching their unique goals.

    ~“Joining TeamWAG was the best decision I ever made!”

    ~Synonym: WAGFam
  •      Verified Entry (n.): An entry in MyFitnessPal that has been verified by the company as correct.

    ~“I opt for a verified entry whenever possible for optimal accuracy and consistency.”
  •      WAGify (v.): Changing a recipe to fit your macros.

    ~“I totally just WAGified that recipe!”

    ~Synonyms: Macro-tize, macro-friendly
  •      WAGiversary (n.): The annual recurrence of the day you started your WAG journey.

    ~“Today is my two-year WAGiversary!”
  •      WAGswag (n.): Clothing you ROCK to let people know you’re Working Against Gravity.

    ~“I can’t wait to wear my new WAGswag!”

    ~Synonym: sWAG
  •      WAGwin (n.): A positive thought, action or outcome that brings you closer to your goals.

    ~“Hitting my protein for the first time was a major WAGwin!”

    ~Synonyms: Non-scale victory, scale victory

Those are just some of the many words we use to communicate on a daily basis. Don’t worry, the more you read and hear them, the easier they will be to remember! Did we miss any? Let us know!

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