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The Benefits to Remote Coaching

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We need human interaction, but it isn’t crucial when it comes to being coached. Less face to face contact can allow you to be more open, vulnerable and accepting of constructive feedback. This is extremely important when trying to make a profound personal change.

People often believe that in person coaching is best because the coach can physically see your progress, your facial expressions and hear the tone in your voice. This makes perfect sense, but what about revealing the most private areas of your life? Nutrition, career, relationships, self esteem… Sometimes it’s easier to speak openly when there is a level of anonymity. This is one of the benefits remote coaching can really give you.

Remote coaching has been a driving factor in allowing Working Against Gravity to help thousands of people make personal transformations. Here’s why it’s been such a key part of the program.

You have time to think.

When you check in, or when your coach asks you questions, you have time to think about what you want to say and avoid irrational or emotion fueled responses. You can think deeper about your response and make sure you’ve said everything that you want to say. Nothing gets missed.

Get coached on your own time.

You can schedule coaching (or if you’re a WAG member, your check in) at a time that is convenient to you. You can draft messages and responses in advance, choose days that work best for your schedule and none of it requires you to physically go anywhere. That makes it easy to attend your coaching appointments consistently. Consistency attending check ins and appointments is a huge part of any coaching success.

Your coach has time to give you the best response.

Just like you want to give your coach all the right information, your coach also wants to give you the best possible response. Remote, online coaching means they have time to think about your questions, research any answers for you and even ask their colleagues for extra advice. WAG coaches often consult each other, so a single client question is getting the input of multiple coaches. This isn’t something that can be done on the spot and ensures you get a more robust and accurate answer that you can read and then re-read if you need too.

You can look back and review your own responses.

Believe it or not, we forget the things we say sometimes. For example, personal triumphs are often buried under setbacks and without a record of your successes week to week you’re never able to go back and review. Being able to review your data is the best way to monitor progress.

Forcing yourself to track progress.

Having to input data every week, whether it be writing a summary or putting in tangible numbers – like WAG does using Seismic – forces you to track the facts. It’s easy to say that you “will never achieve X” or that you “only ever get Y result” when you can’t physically go back and look. Humans have selective memory but the data...it doesn’t lie.

Easier to be vulnerable.

This is a personal preference, but many people would rather share their deepest thoughts and feelings with someone who they don’t have to look in the face. There is absolutely nothing wrong with preferring to feel a little anonymous. It is often easier to be 100% open and honest about how you feel physically and mentally to someone behind a screen.

These are some of the big reasons that the programming at Working Against Gravity has allowed thousands of people to transform their lives. They can be 100% transparent and not hold back, while focusing on honesty, hard work and results. As long as the coach is engaging, knowledgeable and cares about you, then you have a remote recipe for success.

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