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Springtime means warmer temperatures and swapping hearty meals for lighter fare. Spring produce is lush with leafy greens, which makes it the perfect season to experiment with spicing up your salads or loading up on high-volume veggies! Below I’ve listed some of my favorite spring produce with their macros.


  • Apricots 1P/11C/0F 2 Fiber
  • Apple 0P/14C/0F 2.5 Fiber
  • Avocado 2P/9C/15F 7 Fiber
  • Banana 1P/21C/0F 2.5 Fiber
  • Pineapple 0P/13C/0F 1.5 Fiber
  • Rhubarb 1P/6C/0F 2.2 Fiber
  • Strawberries 0P/8C/0F 2 Fiber


  • Asparagus 0P/4C/0F 2.1 Fiber
  • Broccoli 2P/7C/0F 2.8 Fiber
  • Collard Greens 3P/5C/0F 4 Fiber
  • Peas 5P/14C/0F 5 Fiber
  • Swiss Chard 2P/4C/0F 1.6 Fiber
  • Mushrooms 3P/3C/0F 1 Fiber
  • Spinach 3P/3C/0F 2.2 Fiber
  • Onion 1P/9C/0F 2 Fiber

What ways are you going to spring clean your go-to meals? Check out our recipe for a sweet and spicy tuna steak with pineapple salsa here.

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