Spring is around the corner, and this means spring cleaning! As you throw open windows and doors to freshen your space, it is also a great time to do a full clean-out of your fridge and pantry spaces. It is also the perfect time for a closet cleanse. 

There is no better feeling than letting go of what isn’t working for you and finding what does. You walk differently in jeans that fit well; that confidence will spill over into other aspects of your life. Let’s talk about overhauling your closet and boosting your confidence while navigating the fitting rooms and shopping on a budget. 

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Spring Cleaning on a Budget

To Keep, Donate, or Sell

Did anyone else grow up watching Clean Sweep on TLC and then make their friends overall their rooms in piles of ‘keep,’ ‘sell,’ and ‘toss?’ No? Just me? Well, this is the main inspiration for this article. If you’re thinking, “I can’t afford to overhaul my closet,” I have great news! You can keep what you love, donate what doesn’t work for you anymore, and easily sell brands you're done with. 

Making Room and Making Money

Gone are the days of garage sales with all the work of tagging items, making flyers, and standing outside all day bargaining with people just to sell your favorite old pair of jeans for $5. With apps like Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace, you can easily sell your items online and ship them out with enough money to buy new ones! 

Thrifting is in! 

It’s 2024, and everyone is thrifting! Now, when you drop off your clothes to donate, you can stay and shop for yourself. More people thrifting means more potential to find something you love while shopping on a budget. It’s well worth your time when you walk away with brands at less than a quarter of the price. If you are worried about scents or fragrances lingering on clothes, a simple wash with distilled white vinegar will do the trick. 


Prioritizing a Healthy Mindset While Spring Cleaning Your Closet

While you are cleaning up space in your closet, you are also cleaning up space in your mind. The jeans you’ve been hanging onto for years with hopes of fitting into again only take up space in your thoughts and are not a healthy marker of progress anymore. It’s time to let go, set healthy progress markers, and feel good about the clothes in your closet and how they make you feel.

Using Clothes as a Marker of Progress

How you feel and fit in your clothes can be a healthy marker of progress. You cannot always see your progress in the mirror or photos; sometimes, how you fit into your clothes is the first thing you notice when changing fitness and nutrition. This can serve as a great marker of progress and a confidence booster, but it is important to know when to keep items and use them as a progress marker and when it’s time to let go. 

When It's Appropriate to Keep 

If clothing items you love and want to wear again have fit within the last year, this can be an appropriate timeframe to keep them with the goal of wearing them again. If you have recently had surgery or been pregnant, it is also appropriate to hang onto these items and give yourself plenty of time to heal and eventually fit back into old clothes.

When it’s Time to Let Go

If clothes have not fit comfortably in the last 2+ years and you feel bad every time you see them or try them on, it’s time to donate or sell them and look toward healthier markers of progress. Remember that bodies change over time, and comparing your current self to your past self—especially if you now have different priorities, schedules, and goals—can be just as damaging as comparing yourself to others.

Other Healthy Markers of Progress

Like much of nutrition and health, your progress markers depend on you and your goals. At WAG Nutrition Coaching, we work with you to determine what to measure, and our in-home app, Seismic, helps you and your coach track the metrics you choose together.

Here are just a few examples, besides weight and clothing size, of what you can monitor:

  • Energy Levels
  • Sleep Quality
  • Mood
  • Fertility Status
  • Performance


Shopping for New Clothes

For some, letting go of the old items you love might be the toughest part of this process, while for others, it’s shopping for new items that feel exhausting and unpleasant. Regardless of your love for shopping, these tips will help make the process easier and keep your confidence up on shopping days. 

If you opt to shop online, it’s a good plan to buy a variety of fits and sizes with a plan to make returns so you can find what you love without getting discouraged when the first pair doesn’t fit.

Navigating Fitting Rooms

Shopping in person allows you to make easy swaps and take many items at once to try on. Set a goal to take in at least 5 new items in various fits and sizes so you can see what works for you. Go into your first fit session knowing you can always come back with more and find a true fit that leaves you feeling great instead of settling for good enough. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and allow shopping attendants to find additional sizes. 

Shopping for Fit vs. Size

Clothing, especially women’s clothing, is often sized differently depending on the brand and style. It’s not uncommon to have clothing that fits you well in a range of three different sizes based on the brand or type. Don’t get set on a number and explore what fits well. A number on a tag does not define you; how you feel is what matters. 

Shopping on a Budget

There are many options to explore when shopping on a budget. You can start at thrift shops, look online at marketplace deals, or head to the outlets. Remember that it is not the brand of clothes you wear that matters; it’s how you feel in your clothes. 


Final Thoughts on Redesigning Your Closet and Your Mindset

It’s time to make your closet a place you enjoy, one that matches your newfound style with clothes that fit well and feel great! Maybe that means some fun wallpaper and new organizers, but more than anything, let’s fill your closet with clothes that feel good on your body and improve your confidence. This spring is a chance to clean up your wardrobe and your mindset.