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Snacking - The Silent Saboteur

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There’s no doubt that we have all been guilty of thinking, “If I don’t track it, it didn’t happen” or “It’s only a sip, it’s not a big deal.” However, snacking is the silent saboteur to our progress.

When you first started on your nutrition journey, the habit of snacking while preparing food or on the run was more than likely an unconscious action, something you rarely put thought into.

However, in order to achieve a specific goal, keeping an honest and accurate log is imperative.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, all the sips and bites do add up and do affect our progress.

Below are a number of strategies that you can implement to help curb your snacking ways!

    • Brush your teeth before preparing your meal to help deter you from sampling and spoiling the fresh taste in your mouth.
    • Ensure you're hydrated. This doesn't mean drinking water obsessively to avoid eating, it just means that ensuring you're properly hydrated will help keep you feeling well satiated, fuller longer, and provide a stack of additional health benefits. Often times, we are actually thirsty and not hungry. Add flavor enhancers to spice things up.
    • Stay occupied. I eat a lot more when I'm bored, and my focus is less on food when I'm busy with my work and hobbies. Keep yourself busy to avoid boredom and time to sit and fantasize about food. Get outside and get moving!
    • Maintain regular meal frequency to ensure hunger is kept under control and you’re not going long periods without food, creating an immediate need to eat before even sitting down to your meal.
    • Eat before you prep or set aside a plate of weighed and measured food to nibble on while you’re preparing your meal.
    • Remain present and attentive when you’re eating your meals. Pay attention to the taste, the texture, and your surroundings.
    • Practice restraint. If you feel particularly reliant on frequent snacking, practice self-control, and willpower, and remember, the more you do this, the easier it becomes. Focus on your WHY and own your goals.

As coaches, we want nothing more than to see you reach your goals, however, we simply can’t manage what isn’t being measured or control what isn’t captured.

Let’s remain accountable and live with integrity to ourselves, and curb the habit of snacking. Not only will a mindful and tracked meal of nutrient-dense whole foods leave you feeling your best, but it will also have you on the fast track to reaching your goals!

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Posted by Melanie Barnshaw

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