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When it comes to being a successful nutrition, fitness, or wellness coach, the thing that sets you apart is you. Your knowledge, ability to connect and build trust with clients, the results you help your clients achieve, and the nutrition coaching software you use.

Although it is often the last thing coaches consider, the nutrition coaching software you choose is make-or-break for your business. It directly impacts client experience and your ability to deliver stellar service.


Why Is Your Nutrition Coaching Software so Important?

No one gets into nutrition coaching because they love the admin side of owning a business. Managing multiple payment platforms, sifting through old client emails, updating spreadsheets, and answering text messages from many clients is unorganized and pulls time away from what you love and do best—coach.

When you spend less time in the weeds of your day-to-day processes, you can spend more time working with clients, marketing your business (read: making Instagram reels?), and maximizing your profits and impact.

From the client side, the software you choose directly impacts their experience with you. If it is simple to set up, easy to use and helps them assess their progress, they’re more likely to get results and enjoy their experience working with you.

What Sets Seismic Apart?

Seismic is unlike any other nutrition coaching software. Here are some of the highlights.

Bill from the Seismic Coaching Software
Connect a stripe account to Seismic, and you’re ready to go! Clients can enter their payment information right into our software, and our system will do the rest, from automatic payments to finance forecasts.

Weekly Check-Ins
Our automatic scheduling system and upcoming check-in view help you know what to expect from your week and keep your clients accountable. At each check-in, Seismic prompts your clients to upload their weekly food logs, share their measurements and mood metrics, upload photos, and fill out the written check-in section. Here, you’ll get ultimate insight into their week and provide personalized feedback delivered directly to them.

Business Dashboard & Reports
Get an all-inclusive glimpse into the health of your business so you can make data-backed decisions. From new client activity to cancelation forecasts, we’ll help you see the full picture of your business.

Customizable Templates
Deliver welcome messages automatically and create auto-populated messages for your program delivery. Although we always recommend keeping things as personal as possible, a starting place can help you save time, answer common questions and point your clients toward helpful resources.

Clear Progress Tracking
Both you and your clients get access to the progress tracking screen. Here, you can track weekly and monthly average changes in weight and measurements. Compare photos from any point in your client’s journey to help them see what you’re seeing!

Tracking App Sync
Seismic allows your clients to sync their MacrosFirst or MyFitnessPal diary with Seismic. Click their logs to see precisely what they logged so you can catch mistakes or give personalized recommendations.

Developed and Tested By Nutrition Professionals
Seismic is the home of Working Against Gravity Nutrition. We developed our software with nutrition coaches in mind, getting feedback from professional nutrition coaches along the way. We’re constantly working to improve our systems, asking for input, and adjusting our platform as the nutrition coaching world grows.


How to Build A Nutrition Coaching Business

The Seismic Business Program will help you take your nutrition coaching business to the next level. Our Business Program Blueprint teaches you how to use Seismic and gives you access to tutorials and support systems to make the most of our software.

From there, our Start-Up Guide will help you build a solid marketing plan for your nutrition coaching business. From guiding you through identifying your ideal client to setting up a website, blog, and email platform, we’ll help you build your client roster, scale your business, and deliver an incredible service.