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Flexible Dieting Tips

Why Count Macros vs. Calories?

As much as a calorie is a calorie, eating a diet based on your specific macro needs is going to allow you to achieve your performance...

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Should You Undereat the Day After Overeating?

Using methods like tracking macros or counting calories for weight loss is very effective. It’s one of our favorite ways to educate...

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WAG Q&A With Adee, Episode 27: MyFitnessPal Hacks

MyFitnessPal is an excellent resource for tracking macros, but it can be hard to stay consistent with your nutrition when your entries...

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Team WAG

Q&A With Michael, Episode 22: Macro-Tracking for Beginners

This week, Michael Cazayoux begins his Q&A Monday takeover by telling us what it was like beginning to track macros when he met Adee.

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High-Fiber Banana Pancakes

For many of us, hitting our fiber is one of the hardest parts of tracking macros. Pancakes to the rescue!

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WAG Stories Cole Sager: Accountability in Goals

In this WAG Original Series, watch how 4x CrossFit Games Athlete Cole Sager and his wife, Genasee, hold each other accountable for...

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