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MyFitnessPal Tutorial: Checking Your Macros & Micros

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Step 1

From the homepage bottom left navigation bar, select Diary.

Scroll to the very bottom of your food Diary and select the button labeled Nutrition.

Step 2

From the navigation bar at the top of the Nutrition page you can select from Macros, Nutrients or Calories.

Macros allows you to view just your macronutrient intake as a pie chart and underneath as exact grams.

Nutrients allows you to view your macronutrient and micronutrient intake as a bar graph with the total, goal and how many grams you have remaining.

Calories allows you to view your caloric intake from each mealtime as a pie graph and in total calories.


Step 1

From the homepage bottom left navigation bar, select More ···

Step 2

on the More ··· page select Nutrition five options down. This will take you to the above mentioned pages where you can view your macro, micro and calorie intakes.

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