We’ve covered pre- and post-workout nutrition tips, but what about your mindset? Today coaches Josh and Jess tackle mindset tricks and practical tips for the CrossFit Open season to help you approach each workout with a well-rounded strategy.

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Time Stamps

0:00 - Introduction

0:49 - Josh and Jess’s favorite CrossFit Open workouts (and what you can learn from their faves!)

3:30 - What should you keep in mind as you set your goals for the CrossFit Open?

9:40 - Bonus tips for adjusting training around the Open

11:30 - How to adjust your plan if you’re working out at a new time

12:00 - How to balance pushing yourself and comparing yourself to others 

13:33 - Should you redo a CrossFit Open workout? 

15:55 - Enjoying the season—final tips and tricks


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