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Meal Prep Made Easy

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Taking the time to prepare meals can seem like an arduous task, and it’s often the last thing we feel like doing on our weekend. However, the small amount of time we invest upfront really can pay dividends in terms of saving time and headspace. Plus, it improves our ability to remain consistent with macros throughout the week!

Become a more efficient meal-prepper by employing these time-saving strategies. These can be an absolute game changer to your level of engagement, and you might find a new love of meal prepping in the process!

Here are just a few strategies to ramp up your meal prep with minimal fuss and mess!

Frozen fruit and veggies - A common misconception is that frozen veggies may have less nutrient, vitamin content and quality than fresh produce. However, fruit and veggies are generally frozen upon harvesting, and this is when the nutrient content is at it’s highest. They also allow us to eat our favorite items all year round, and can often be found at really cost effective price. Did I mention they were convenient and already partially prepared?

Recyclable disposable containers - Hate cleaning, or carting your empty Tupperware containers around? No problems! Using recyclable containers or single-use containers such as aluminum baking trays allow you to bake and go. Veggies, quiche, chicken, eggs and so many other dishes can be prepared and eaten from the same container, essentially saving you time on cleaning and organizing!

Use pre-cut veggies - Although on the surface, these may seem as though they will cost a premium, generally, the time saved chopping and cleaning makes up for it. Think about your hourly rate, then prorate that to the time it takes you to cut and clean! It’s likely you’re paying more for your time than if you’d purchased pre-cut veggies!

Reuse containers from the kitchen - Many of our used jars and bags can be reused before they are ready to be recycled. Start saving your peanut butter jars, paper bags, or recyclable plastics to carry your lunch with you. Not only will you be saving time cleaning your old containers, you’ll also be helping the environment by reducing trash.

Become best friends with your oven - from hard-cooked (boiled) eggs in the muffin tray, to stews, veggie bakes and chicken, finding recipes that require minimal ingredients and can be thrown in one dish can dramatically cut down the amount of time you spend washing dishes, and around the hot plate. Simply stir, bake and wait!

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Posted by Melanie Barnshaw

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