Planning ahead is key to success in many situations, whether it be training, traveling, nutrition, work or simply life in general. When it comes to success with our nutrition, taking the time to plan our meals and prepare ahead of time can be a game-changer in terms of how successful we are at reaching our goals.

While eating out or on the go can be fun and sometimes necessary, it can also be extremely costly on our wallets, macros and time!

Below are a number of reasons why meal prepping is a cost-effective and awesome habit to create!

Cost Savings -  In most cases, when you factor in time, over-priced meals and a tip, eating at home is cheaper than going to a restaurant.

Grocery Savings - Buying in bulk, using coupons and getting hot deals from the local grocery store will save you a ton of money. Cooking in bulk is usually cheaper and allows us to use a variety of ingredients for different meals.

Time Savings -  Dedicating a few hours on one day a week to preparing our meals is much more efficient than making multiple meals across each day of the week!

Macro Savings -  Weighing out your macros on your own is, of course, more precise than estimating. Cooking your own meals also saves you from having to factor in a buffer for those hidden macros you have to account for at a restaurant!

Less Stress -  Making last-minute decisions when you’re tired is the worst, as that’s often when willpower is at its lowest. Having your meals organized and ready to go will save you the stress of having to think and reduce the possibility of making a bad decision.

Meal Exchange - If you’re concerned about being bored with your foods, try exchanging meals with your friends and cooking a couple of different meals to switch things around!

With meal prep penciled in, it’s time to sit and think about how you can use your time and money savings!

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