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Introducing: Coach Taylor

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Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to the members of the Team WAG coaching team. First up is Taylor Gray.

Coach Name Taylor Lumpp / Taylor Gray everywhere else, Gray is my middle name
Hometown Mount Solon, Virginia
Fitness Fascination Olympic weightlifting
Previous Fitness Endeavors None. There's nothing about me that is a natural athlete. I was too shy and insecure to play sports as a kid
Prior/Current Occupation Federal law enforcement for 4 years – left 9/2015 to be full time WAG.
Macro Must Haves Velveeta sliced cheese in my egg whites and Vans frozen waffles
Tempting Treats Dominos pizza and beer!
Carbs or Fats Carbs
Things You Love Outside of Team WAG I have a sweet little Sheltie dog who is very spoiled, I like to read and cook.
Favorite Place of Travel Rio, Brazil has my heart
Future goals Medal at USAW Nationals, make a world team, be an awesome WAG coach, help grow WAG, be good and patient with the people I love.
Most rewarding aspect of being a part of Team WAG Getting emails with videos and pictures of PRs – both made on the platform and on the bathroom scale.

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