Hitting your macros is a heck of a lot easier when you have the foods you need on hand. Most of the time this means meal prepping for the day or week ahead, but there are times when we need help to keep our nutrition on track! Enlisting a meal prep service is a great way to get the meals you need while saving time, but here are a few considerations to make sure you’re getting the most out of your macros AND your money.

Check Delivery Schedule and Frequency
For most meal prep services, you place an order for the following week’s food, so make sure you anticipate your travel plans or your schedule ramping up, so you get your food on time. There is nothing worse than thinking you have your food on lock and having it show up a week late! In addition, some meal prep services are subscription based, so double check that you are either getting a one-time order or that the meals that will be repeated the following week also meet your needs. If you are traveling, be sure to contact the company to change your delivery address so you don’t end up feeding the next guests at your Airbnb!

Still Plan Ahead
Chances are you’ll still need to fill your macros with a few other foods besides the prepped meals. To make it easy, log the prepped meals ahead of time in MyFitnessPal so you can see what types of foods you may need to fill in the rest of your day. You may find that these meals are higher/lower in one macro than your usual meal selection, so it may take switching up your snack options!

Add Volume
If you are loving the convenience of having your meals prepped but find the portions under-satiating, pick up some bagged salad mixes. You can toss your proteins, cooked veggies and carb sources on top of greens to increase food volume while adding little work on your end.

Cross-reference Macros
Handing your nutrition over to a third party can be a little daunting since you have to trust their labeling is accurate. We suggest ordering meals that have fewer ingredients and weigh the portions of each component to confirm the macros listed. Try to find companies that offer an a la carte option that allows you to order your meal components separately so you can control the portions and more easily check the accuracy of your meal. You don't want to accidentally be over/under your targets!