Meal prep is a key component of healthy eating, but it doesn’t have to look like perfectly portioned meals in matching Tupperware containers. Today, WAG Coaches and Registered Dietitians Brittany and Alex answer common meal prep questions and help bust a few meal prep myths that could be holding you back from making this healthy habit happen.


Time Stamps

0:00 - Introduction and What's for Lunch?

1:30 - Do I have to meal prep, and is there a difference between meal prepping and meal planning?

5:33 - What is the best way to meal prep? Three kinds of meal prep to try if you’re feeling stuck.

9:35- How can I make meal prep fun? Do I have to prep differently if I’m tracking my macros? 

12:20 - How can I make my food last longer, and how do I carve time out of my routine to prep?

15:10- What is decision fatigue, and how do I avoid it while meal prepping?

15:47 - Where can I get recipe inspiration?


Further Reading and Resources

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